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    steve marriott

    did he ever get the recognition he deserved, i remember booting a rag on portland street at 2 in the morning after a derby to the sound of all or nothing ringing in my ears
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    New pvr

    Looking to buy a new pvr, would like one that records more than two channels while watching another with plenty of storage. Any recommendations?
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    Klopp v Poch

    10pm channel 4 tonight, Klopp v Poch battle of the super managers, one has won the sum total of fuck all and the other the sum total of fuck all in this country. Unbelievable
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    888sport add on bluemoon

    There was an add on the bluemoon forum today for 888sports with a promo code of 888ODDS, quoting odds of 28/1 for spurs and 9/1 for a City win and with the draw at 13/5 I thought if I put £10 on each its free money so I clicked on the add and joined the site and went to make a deposit, entered...
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    phil taylor and fast eddie v phil campbell and mikey dee, whos the best i cant decide
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    boca juniors v river plate

    first ever meeting in the final of the Copa Libertadores! fuck me thats gonna be one hell of a game, expect fireworks there with maybe the odd shooting, will make most derbies look like a pensioners tea dance
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    Beer shortage

    Anyone know what it's like in town for getting a pint due to the supply of gas to pubs running out, heard your limited to what you can get with some of the popular beers not being sold
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    League title or Champions League?

    what would you rather have next season, retain the league title or win the champions league, its 50/50 for me i cant decide, retaining the league would be fantastic as its not done often but i suspect the champions league is the main one for our owners, i wouldnt like to miss out on both
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    best tv for iptv

    without spending silly money has anyone got any thoughts on which is the best smart tv to buy to use with an iptv subscription
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    Do we give up on players too easily

    Just watched the game v the rags and I'm thinking we give up on players far too easily, specifically nasri and mangala. You can't doubt nasris talent and mangala has all the attributes to be a good defender so instead of just spunking 40mil on em why not work on em to make em better, I know with...
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    Consecutive away clean sheet record.

    bloke in the studio on sky said after the game v sunderland that we just set a new record in our history for five away clean sheets on the trot, is that correct
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    computer trouble

    has anyone got any idea how to remove bing from my laptop on windows 10, its just taken over from google by itself and I'm plagued with pop ups and virus warnings and pages that wont close, its doin my fookin head in
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    satellite systems

    in light of ticket prices, does anybody know how much it would cost to get one of these installed in the home to show all 3 oclock kick offs much better quality than dodgy streams and a pick of all the games, must be worth considering if the price is right
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    drinking at the match

    watching the rugby at the Etihad last night and people being allowed to take drinks back to their seats, surely in this day and age with equality and discrimination, human rights etc it cant be right to let rugby fans do it and ban football fans. times have moved on now and im sure it could be...
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    being an old fucker, back in the 70s I was into led zep and saw them at earls court in 75 and at the time I put acdc down as upstarts and never took much notice of em, even tho I had a mate who had the acdc logo tattooed on his arse. but in the last few yrs ive been listening to acdc more and...
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    Real Madrid club crest

    Just seen a report that Real Madrid are to remove the cross from the club crest as part of a three yr deal with the national bank of Abu Dhabi for fear the design would offend Muslims, talk about selling your soul! I wonder what the fans will make of it
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    Michael McIntyre walks off stage

    McIntyre walks off stage and asks security to sort out a woman that was using her mobile on the front row . Can u imagine Bernard manning doin that, he would have destroyed her!! Can't be doin with these arty farty so called comics, they couldn't tell a joke to save their lives
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    adrian chiles causes outrage

    Adrian Chiles could find himself in trouble with his ITV paymasters after a gag that back-fired saw the presenter stereotyping Polish supporters as 'builders'. Speaking at the end of England's 4-1 victory over Montenegro, the presenter said: 'It’s practically a home game for Poland – 15,000...
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    Android box for footy streams

    Just wondering if anyone on here has one of these and if so are they any good
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    the rags first 5 games next season

    guess their first 5 games to start next seaon and lets see what the "computer" comes up with, the powers that be wont want the press getting on moyes back too soon now would they, I'l start. Fulham hull sunderland villa stoke
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