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    We Lucky Few

    After seeing so many familiar faces on the photo for “Halifax Steve’s” Send-Off, and also the sad recognition of at least 6 names on the City Memorial Tribute v Leicester, I’m sure that I’m not alone when reflecting privately on the sense of loss, whilst yearning for the innocence of happier...
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    Peter Reid

    Had a strange moment in Ma Egerton’s (next to Lime Street) on Saturday after watching the Liverpool game with a few Evertonian mates. Within five minutes of the Final Whistle, Peter Reid strolled into the pub, and ordered a double-Tanqueray and tonic, before turning to me: “How fucking lucky...
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    Returning to Maine Road

    I’ve been umpiring a few cricket matches over the summer, and I’ve been allocated a fixture at Whalley Range this weekend. I always enjoy visiting new cricket grounds, but this also affords me the opportunity to visit Maine Road for the first time since the Southampton game in 2003 My only...
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    Ticket Office Frustration

    Is this a regular occurrence, or was I just unlucky? I rang the Ticket Office last Thursday to ask for an extra Hoffenheim ticket, (hopefully located next to me in Block 219). I was informed that it wasn’t a problem, and I was charged £17.50, plus a £2.50 booking fee. I was then advised that...
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    Leicester Fans clash with Spanish Police

    Reports of baton charges on Radio 5 Live. Anyone surprised?
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    City's Record In The CL Knockout Stages

    It’s generally assumed that the cream of world football, excel in the Knockout Stages of the Champions League, which is now perceived as the benchmark for greatness. City’s record is mediocre, and suggests that our best players aren’t necessarily at the highest level. However, there’s also...
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    Beating the First Man: Jesus Navas v Neil Ashton

    So, basically: Despite Steve Lomas time wasting near the corner flag, when another goal would have avoided relegation. Despite Andy Dibble’s strange game against Oxford. Despite that dreadful defeat at Edgeley Park Despite Martyn Margetson and Jamie Pollock against QPR Despite Lincoln and York...
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    From TNS to BMG

    Apparently,the Celtic home game will be our 86th European fixture since Trevor Sinclair opened the scoring against TNS 03/04 6 08/09 16 10/11 12 11/12 10 12/13 6 13/14 8 14/15 8 15/16 12 16/17 7* In total, we’ve played away games in 19 different countries...
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    Is The Manchester Rivalry Going Soft?

    Standing outside the away end at the swamp last season, I couldn’t help but notice, five old blokes suddenly emerge from the bottleneck and shake hands. Two of them crossed the wafer-thin police cordon, but to the backdrop of “Hope you lose. See you after the game”, the other three carried on...
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    An Audience with the Frozen Chicken Man

    Bumped into Neil Riley this morning, whilst queueing to vote at Whaley Bridge Unity Church. If you’re not old enough to remember the brief Brian Horton period, Big Neil was the Ramada chef who gained his fifteen minutes of fame in 1994, for taking a frozen chicken into the Platt Lane on the day...
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    Norwich Home Game 1965-66

    One for our older supporters. Many biographies and accounts of the period, refer to the United dinner in 65, when Malcolm Allison announced himself rather spectacularly on the Manchester footballing stage. They also mention the wager with Pat Crerand, concerning the next 30,000 crowd at Maine...
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    20 Years Ago Today

    Oasis played at Maine Road, and City were winning 1-0 at Villa Park The following weekend we witnessed Steve Lomas playing keepy-uppy near the corner flag, when another goal against disinterested Liverpool would have kept us in the Premier League. A bizarre weekend that kick-started a bizarre...
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    Patrick Roberts starts for Celtic v Rangers

    I've only really seen him play once (the youth team game at Monchengladbach) Interesting to see how he copes with the mayhem this lunchtime.
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    Let's hear it for Edin Dzeko

    Okay, cards on the table. My first game was Chelsea 70-71, so I never quite witnessed the halcyon days of Bell, Lee, and Summerbee. However, I was saw most of 76-77, and I’ve had a Season Ticket since 81-82. Kidd and Royle: never quite get the credit they deserved. Channon: a decent striker...
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    Do Liverpool have a better system?

    Whilst studying Liverpool’s criteria for their game in Dortmund (based solely on attendance at certain european games over the last three seasons) I began to wonder how many clubs adopt the same system as ours, and which is the fairest? To be honest, I haven’t a clue, but let’s not kid...
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    Ten Away Games That Still Make Me Smile

    United 1 City 1 1991-92 After my favourite red card of all time, City silence the swamp. David White gives Steve Bruce a little pat on the head, and Keith Curle carries a pitch invader all the way to the halfway line. Leeds 1 City 2 1983-84 Andy Ritchie nets a diving header opener, bur City...
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    Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned.

    Not sure if it’s a sign of the times, too close to Wembley, or whether I’ve just got no interest in a seemingly written off fixture, but for the first time in my 51 year existence, I’m actually attending another FA Cup fixture tomorrow, (Blackburn v West Ham) rather than travelling to Stamford...
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    City on August 29th

    I was born in the early hours of August 29th 1964, and by 3:30pm Moss Side was probably echoing to the sound of “Poyser Out”, as Northampton won 2-0 at Maine Road. 51 years later, City’s recent record on my birthday is dubious, bordering on appalling. Accompanied by a few personal memories...
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    City Fans Scrapping Amongst Themselves

    Am I alone in thinking that the number of incoherent smackheads following our club is on the increase? Idiots whose idea of a good time is to generally stand in the way, whilst posturing aggressively at decent law abiding supporters who simply want to get to the toilets at half time. Without...
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