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    Season Ticket Waiting List

    Thanks for that. I did wonder if he’d be allowed to sit on his own. I’ve bought him a membership, so I’ll see what availability is like when/if he gets the opportunity to purchase a season ticket. If he doesn’t get fixed up he’ll be able to make use of the membership next season anyway, as it’s...
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    Season Ticket Waiting List

    What’ve people done that have had season tickets for years then kids come along and want one too? My teenage nephew wants one and my sister has asked if he could come with us if he gets one. We have two existing season tickets, but it seems like it’d be a nightmare trying to sort out getting...
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    If they finish 7th are they in the Conference League? That point today to West Ham could make a difference.
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    Running thread

    I’m in a similar position to you. I did my 89th this morning. Going to try and get to 100 this year and would be nice to mark the occasion with a PB. Can’t see it happening unfortunately.
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    Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

    MicroStrategy is up 27% today. Crazy stuff! A few signals seem like that could have been the bottom yesterday for BTC.
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    West Ham (A) - Sun 15th May, 14:00 (BST) | Pre-Match Thread

    I think he’s in the U21 PL squad.
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    Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

    I’m tempted to buy some MicroStrategy stock. Seems a great way to get some heavily discounted Bitcoin at the moment. Plus you can put it in an ISA away from the tax man. People seem to be shitting their pants about a margin call, but I looked into the numbers behind it and it would have to drop...
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    Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

    Well this is fun!
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Joins on 1st July

    That’s my fantasy football team name sorted for next season ..... Haaland Rovers
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    Converting ISAs

    I don’t think you can transfer investments between the different types of accounts. I’ve just done some the other way - from an general investing account into an ISA, and had to sell them and transfer the cash and re-buy them in the ISA. If you’re moving them from the ISA you wouldn’t have to...
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    Premier League or Champions League?

    I’d be way more disappointed if we didn’t win the league. If we fail to win the league and get to the Champions League final it’d be horrible. Particularly if Liverpool had already done the domestic treble. These next few weeks we need to win the league, then ideally Chelsea win the FA Cup...
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    That dive was a disgrace. The cheat. Was that the same game TAA decided to play fly keeper and pulled off a nice save with his hand. They scored straight after so he didn’t get send off. He’s still a cheat though.
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    Liverpool FA Cup s/f (N) | Post Match Thread

    It’s not too dissimilar at Anfield. I work with a scouser and you can actually have a decent conversation with him about football. He says they limit their season tickets and only have 27,000. It equates to about half their ground. Lots of the rest are day trippers from all over and he hears...
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    "City don't have fans"

    I’ve been a fan since May 2012. Before that I was a Chelsea fan.
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    CL Draw | QF: Atletico Madrid | SF: Chelsea/Real Madrid

    I think you underestimate some of the nerds on here. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what they do. They probably have a spreadsheet for it.
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    CL Draw | QF: Atletico Madrid | SF: Chelsea/Real Madrid

    I’m surprised they’ve not opened it up beyond Matchday Members by now. Less than a week away with thousands to shift, you’d think they’d have dropped the criteria at this point.
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    I’ve not used it for a while but Hola is free, easy to use and I never any issues with it.
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    CL Draw | QF: Atletico Madrid | SF: Chelsea/Real Madrid

    Same here. “Sorry, football fans!”
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    CL Draw | QF: Atletico Madrid | SF: Chelsea/Real Madrid

    Does anyone know if you can transfer a ticket if you buy it on a Cityzens Matchday membership? Or can only season ticket holders transfer tickets to another supporter number?
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    Running thread

    I’ve done a bit of running on and off for years. For the first time ever yesterday I’d gone out for a run and 5 minutes into it I managed to have a fall. I misjudged the kerb as I was joining the pavement at a 45 degree angle and proper decked it. Aside from a fair bit of bruising, blood and...
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