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    RIP Mary Wilson The Supremes

    Sad day many memories
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    Help in Australia no Optus

    Hi I've not missed a game all season, night games run at 3-4am here in Perth, however I've just been told I cant get Optus at my new place 1/3/2019 any advice appreciated with Pm's if necessary
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    1st Club in the world named City

    Can't sleep there you go City 1894 Bristol 1897 Coventry 1898 Norwich 1902 Hull & Exeter 1904 Leicester 1919 Stoke 1925 Birmingham 1943 No history for cough they all copied us
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    But now he is ­resigned to losing the Croatia star – a decision that will almost certainly result in the double-whammy Spurs fans fear, Bale waving farewell too. The Wales ace has told pals the sale of Modric will signal the end of Tottenham’s Champions League prospects and he will have to...
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    Get Rid of this RAG badge on the Fox Sports Ad

    Ric all we see on Bluemoon in Aus is a Rag badge flashing at us all day long on your Fox sports Ad It's well pissing me off
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    Is this more BS from the MIRROR

    Copied so we don't hit their site Bobby wants Italy Job Roberto Mancini has rocked Manchester City by saying he wants to manage Italy. The Italian revealed the one job that would persuade him to abandon City would be the chance to manage his country. "You cannot say no to the national...
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    25th May it starts WHO WILL BE THE 1ST TRANSFER IN

    My guess is Boeting and yours is
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    New contract for Garry Cook - NOTW story

    Been through 3 pages sorry if there is another thread but I haven't seen it, Gary is being given a new 5 year extension <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Red scouse join in

    Bin Dippers join in the fun <a class="postlink" href=";prev_next=prev#new" onclick=";return false;"> ... t=prev#new</a>
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    Dob a dickhead in PMSL <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... _cup_clash</a>
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    In the Telegraph
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    Is this talking too much

    also admitted Mancini had laid down the law during his first day in charge. The squad have been ordered to undertake double training on Tuesday in a bid to shore up their leaky defence and the striker is hoping for instant results when Stoke travel to Eastlands on Boxing Day. He added: "In the...
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    Wenger now

    if only <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... nt-Wenger/</a>
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    Does Gary Cook understand this club?

    And 'City `til I die' seems to mean the fans have been through the pain and the agony and were all getting on a bit. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Inter reject Maicon

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... move_.aspx</a> Would love this guy
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    The world is about to change

    Taken from Money, however, is little option to City following investment from Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Khaldoon As Mubarak. Having already splashed out £12million on Gareth Barry, TalkSport allege that a deal has been sealed that will see Tevez make a controversial...
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    What price sucess

    Reading this forum, I get the impression half of the City fans want to remain a medium family club,no coment either way,but i feel they are about to be dissapointed,most of this squad will not be there soon.
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    I find myself wanting to assess where we are, so I will compare our team to the top four and the rags. Would they have played or been in the squad for 30 games this season. On current form TOP 4 RAGS...
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    City are already the biggest club try this

    GOOGLE NEWS NOW AND CHECK OUT THE HITS ON THE SITE Hammers 551,000 HITS Spuds 1,090,000 HITS Arse 1,630,000 HITS Liverpool 2,330,000 HITS Chelski 2,360,000 HITS RAGS...
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    Micah back to RB

    QUOTED IN THE TIMES I don't want to say to the manager, 'I must play right back,' but I would like to go back to playing in that position because I think I have produced my best most consistently in that role.”
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