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    The Definitive Story of Oasis

    New Oasis book: Some Might Say – The Official Book Of The Oasis Podcast. :
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    Who was Andreas Hill ?

    In the Hoffenheim programme (which i must say is a belter) it lists all the German's who played for us. With one appearance is Andreas Hill. Googled him and it seems he came from a team called Wattenschied. But it states he was here 91/92 Season. Anyone remember him ?
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    Girona Fc V Barcelona in Miami

    Girona will play Barca in Miami in the first La Liga match outside Spain. Girona are offering free flights for 1500 Season Ticket Holders ( they have 9000 so presume it will be a ballot). I think it's just a one dayer. Or free ticket to all other ST holders for the game at the Nou Camp. They are...
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    Celtic Horizons selling City tickets again as official City partner.

    Some might remember this company based in Dublin area selling tickets for the Derby last season. Advertising them to Rags and telling them not to wear colours as the would be in the City part. They have now posted an add saying that they have now been appointed City's sole agent for tickets and...
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    City trying to stop us selling Tickets.

    Some of you will be aware that there is a site on Face Book, City Exchange. This was set up by fans when City decided that tickets would be sold for resale through those rip off merchants Viagogo. This site allows fans to sell there tickets at face value only or in many many cases below the FV...
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    Corporate Tickets available for Watford.

    Last match of the season with a small away allocation the club are creaming off tickets for a corporate jaunt. £ 150.00 each. A disgrace IMO.
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    Ticket Collection Paris

    Why did the people who travelled on the Thompson trip get their tickets on the Plane. While the rest were subjected to the farcical scenes at the Pullman Hotel . For those who were not there we had to go thought an Airport type screning ( not as intense) but my mate went to the bogs and came up...
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    RIP Tony Rowan

    Tony Rowan (aka Bowler ) sadly passed away yesterday after a long and courageous fight against MS. Tony was indeed a City legend who fought to the end. Loved and respected by many. RIP in The Kippax Gates.
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    Badly treated by City, Yes or No. ?

    I (hopefully ) reach the age of 65 on 5th August. I spoke to Customer Services about 2 months ago and asked what the score would be regarding the renewal of my Season Ticket as the Season would not KO until after my birthday. She told me this would be taken into consideration at the time of...
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    What song was at No.1 on the day you were born.

    Have you ever done this? My number 1's are: 'Long Haired Lover From Liverpool' by Little Jimmy Osmond in the UK 'You're So Vain' by Carly Simon in the US <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    21000 Programmes printed for Barcelona game.

    Normal print for homes games in 12000. Haven't bought one for years but might tomorrow.
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    Cockney Red's on trains Sunday after final.

    Rags play Swansea 1600 KO day after final. Just a word of caution to people traveling back by train on the Sunday. The majority of the problems at the semi with the Rags was caused by these scum. I would advise people to avoid early trains back to Manchester on the Sunday, especially if you have...
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    Anyone's Ticket not arrived and have to pick up on Sunday.

    Ticket for a mate of mine who lives abroad (he is season ticket holder) has not arrived, It was coming to my address. Been on to City and if it's not here tomorrow they will cancel and we have to pick up from Stadium box Office Sunday. I seem to remember people having to do this the past and it...
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    Two Quid to get into The Manchester

    A place I occasionally go in, went today with a mate about half an hour before KO to be told it was £ 2.00 to get in. Told reason was it was cheap beer, i.e. cheap shite. I understand that MF has nothing to do with the place anymore. Each to their own but IMO opinion, to pay to have the honour...
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    Empty Seats, Welcome Tourists.

    From where I sit there were quite a few empty seats in the West Stand L3. Not just and odd one but 3 or 4 seats together. Also behind where I sit there were at least dozen empty. I had a spare which I tried to offload for £25.00 and could not get any takers. In the end I gave it away FOC. Which...
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    The Twang playing at City on Saturday.

    The Twang are playing their FA Cup anthem "We're in a Crowd" at The Etihad on Sat. It says playing at the stadium before the game. A mate reckons they will be playing in City Square. ? Seen them a few times, so don't want to miss, anyone got any info.
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    Crazy Guy on Bike off on his travels again.

    Phil Malone, a City Lad from Rochdale, whom some of you know. (I know Ric does) is off on his bycycle adventures again. This time from Argentina to North America, maybe even to Alaska if he can get a snow bike. He posts a daily blog with some of the best pictures I have ever seen. You can...
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    Barry the new Richard Dunne

    So how many own goals is this clown going to score. 2 strikes this season that any forward would be proud of.
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    Best Mince Pies ? where

    Seems to me deep filled Mince Pies means there a centimeter of filling on the bottom and a huge gap between this and the top. Apart from M & S wheres the best place (Manchester Area) for these.
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    GMP and the Market St. City store

    To my knowledge the City store on Market St has been attacked 3 times, (it could be more) by Rag Scumbags. The window has been smashed 3 times and staff and customers have had to close the door and basically barricade themselves inside. There have been videos posted on here from two of the...
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