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    14th Doctor announced by the BBC

    You’re right. it should be retitled Doctor Who’d You Thinking You’re Looking At Pal
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    Paul Pogba

    Pogba’s idea of putting a shift in is to shake the hands of the opposition before the game without needing a breather half way. It’s a no from me.
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    Top 100 Favourite Male Vocalists Final plus # 1

    Pleased but surprised that Einer Solberg is not in the 55-100 spots as it clearly means he is in the top 54.
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    Where would you rank last night in terms of disappointments?

    I remember Coventry in 82. Peter fucking Bodak chipping Corrigan for their 3rd and then celebrating in front of the City fans. Hearrbreaking.
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    Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread

    I’m Yeah because Utd players are really good at that and just look how well it’s received by their fans.
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    Top 100 Favourite Male Vocalists Final plus # 1

    That must have been me. There are some fucking philistines on here.
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    HR/Work issue

    Good luck
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    HR/Work issue

    so; 1) relate the above to your boss. If you get no change then 2) relate the above to your boss's boss. If you get no change then 3) Speak to the relevant HR Manager. If you get no change then 4) Raise a formal grievance quoting your contract of employment, relevant policies etc 5) Whilst...
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    HR/Work issue

    1. Possibly. Employers have a duty of care to all staff and can send employee home (on sick) if they reasonable belief employee is ill. The issue is whether there are any steps your employer can take to allow you to work without putting others at risk e.g. social distancing, mask wearing...
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    Relationships (sexual) with work colleagues

    He’s be wastelanded on here.
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    Getting married for the first time

    Tell the Iranians she’s plotting to overthrow their government and they’ll take her off your hands for 6 years. You’ll still be married but with none of the disadvantages.
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    Progressive Rock

    Sorry sir, I’ll try harder
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    Progressive Rock

    Yeah, it's ok. Great title track but the rest doesn't quite live up to it. I've been listening to some Airbag recently which I'm quite enjoying.
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    Rock bands yanks & brits combined

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    I find scientific research interesting.. That gives it meaning to me. That does not mean that “creation” or “life” has meaning.
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    But just because you wondered it doesn’t mean there has to be a point.
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    Why does there have to be a point?
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    Progressive Rock

    Nah. He's a Kevin de Bruyne - orchestrating all the great moves and bringing out the best in others such as Barbieri, Beggs, Bowness, Geffen etc.
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    Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

    Hidden in Europe? Well that narrows it down.
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    Progressive Rock

    Reunited prog-rockers Porcupine Tree on surviving their rift: ‘You can’t help but feel bitter’ | Pop and rock | The Guardian
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