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    Premier League U18 national final: City Champions after 2-1 win

    Man City haven’t started their best 11 here it’s as simple as that.
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    EDS and Academy players of the year

    No chance
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    EDS and Academy players of the year

    I think it was Lewis not Barrington*
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    Liam Delap

    “Pep wants to bring Haaland here as assurance and take pressure of Delap next season” you seriously think that’s the reason pep brought haaland in?! Hahahahaha
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    Saturday 25th games - U18s & U23s

    Says 2 goals for oreilly
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    EDS v Everton

    Have to say this is the most boring game I’ve ever watched, is there even a crowd here watching?
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    EDS v Everton

    That goal was all about palmer, anyone could of finished that. Our club are producing highly technically attackers
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    EDS title update

    Looks like the u18’s have also won the north league with Liverpool losing 1-0
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    Congratulations - PL2 Champions! (As a result of beating Leeds)

    he’s an age group player, Will get found out eventually and it’s already looking like he is.
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    Congratulations - PL2 Champions! (As a result of beating Leeds)

    wouldn’t be sure of that, back 4 very average
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    EDS title update

    Would be great if everyone could sell out the academy stadium, but don’t think it’s ever happened
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    EDS title update

    Leeds u23’s have had crazy attendance all season, has nothing to do with playing against city, would be the same attendance if they was playing Stoke.
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    City U17 vs Spurs U17 Cup Final on City+ 06/04/22 @7pm

    Each team is allowed 4 u18’s in the competition, rest have to be u17’s and below, and most clubs have apparently been playing 3 or 4 u18’s even Liverpool did when city beat them 5-2
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    James McAtee

    Talented player, but I think he’s the type who would fit well in a city side but not so well in any other prem side. Although people said the same about foden, but foden was even more talented, quicker, better endurance etc.
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    Ex City Youth Players

    i think Brandon got far too much too soon. Was on about £10k a week on his first professional contract, this was at the peak of Man City handing out stupid contracts to youth players. The lad thought he made it before he kicked a ball for any first team. That’s always going to lead to lack of...
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    Finley Burns

    very intelligent centre back, does the basics extremely well. Never be fooled by thinking it’s just the lads with a big social media following or give it the big I am who make it, because the majority of those actually don’t. It’s generally the silver and bronze medalists who make it in the long...
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    Issa Kabore

    Excellent pace, Very strong Gets forward overlaps continually Great tackler Good crosser of the ball. …sounds like Mendy no2 haha
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    EDS vs. Chelsea

    Amazing how so many people slag off our u23’s when they’re one of the best sides (and one of youngest) in country . Imagine if you supported bottom of the league!
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    FA Youth Cup vs Brighton

    Ye, a lot of these players probably don’t care about the youth cup anymore because they’ve been on bench for first team and on very good money. Not all players but some, I’m sure there’s still a few lads who know how much the youth cup means. These lads should be told that winning the youth cup...
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    FA Youth Cup vs Brighton

    Nothing wrong with Parking the bus at any level as it’s part of the English game haha. Not every club can sign the technically best players capable of playing out from the back.
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