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    What would you protest/march for ?

    You see protests and marches for allsorts of things these days , have never been on one myself. Has anyone been on one on here? What would make u get off your arse and go and protest or march ?
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    Flying the nest

    I couldnt wait to leave home , left at 17 rented a house for 15 quid a week loved it. Recently through my work i come into contact with the general public and am surprised by the amount of people who live next door to either their parents or inlaws Granted you might get on well with your...
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    The worst sport to watch live ?

    Wether you like a certain sport or not ,some you get to see all the action/play or whatever it maybe. People who like cricket get to see all the action,snooker fans get to see all the game etc So as a live event to go and see what do you think would be the worst? For me it would either be F1...
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    Strange reasons not to like somebody

    Over the years ive come to the bizarre conclusion that i wouldnt get on with or want to get on with any one who listens to and likes key103 radio station ... random as f**k i know but its just one of them things lol Apart from being a rag etc any of you got any daft reasons not to like somebody...
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    The Waldorf Pub closing / refurb / manager leaving

    The Waldorf 2 hrs · It's with real regret That after 21 years I will be leaving the Waldorf I would like to thank all my friends who have used us over the years creating a lifetime of memories all the staff who have worked here thank you The pub will close on the 7th August and reopen towards...
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    Any body watch it when its on ? Just watching James open it today
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    1k or 100k ?

    (Didnt know where to put this so if it needs moving then please do) Just a bit of fun, 1.You could earn 1k a week for 10 years playing for city or 2.You could earn 100k a week playing for another team for 10 years (could be any team not your choice) What option would you pick ?
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    The Force Manchester

    Channel 11 if anyones interested Who`s the first bluemooner thats likely to be on it ? lol
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    Your opinion ?

    There has been a right to do over this over internet last few days,this is that lfc allstar game from down under the other day The guy here Craig foster has been called allsorts of names but then also folk have defended him,thats his daughter by the way Just wondered what bluemooners thoughts...
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    Your alternative club badge

    Feel free to move mods if its not appropriate to be in this section But just for the fun of it New badge is set to be announced etc If you could choose an alternative one for a laugh what would it be or have on it ? Im stuck between 4
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    I hope Raymond gets sorted looks like he will after the responses it received I also hope that there isnt any bluemooners in the same situation as him this festive period would hate to think people would be alone through no fault of their own :-)...
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    I know i know it doesnt exist etc blah blah blah and im not much of a religious person either but.... You must have at some time thought about it and what its like I imagine it to be like the monty python film `life of brian` in a desert type place with that style of clothing etc So how do...
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    Instagram and other media vids

    Hope its ok to start a thread showing some vids fans post on instagram etc And the people whose vids they are dont mind :-) Got to admit it looks good when they did this Brilliant when we equalise
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    Supporters clubs/Branches North Mancs / Oldham area

    Does anyone run one or a member of one local to mancs oldham-ish area ? My lad and his mate have the chance to get tickets for stoke away and has asked me if i know of anyone who runs a coach that they could get on to the ground and back,they both 16yr olds and i dont want them going on the...
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    Would it be wrong ?

    To tw@t someone who has changed sex from a man to a woman ? I dont mean because they have changed sex to tw@t them, But because they are an absolute c^^t and have spoke to you like shit ? Is it still technically a bloke hitting a bloke or not ?
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    28 Days later/Urban explorer website

    Does anyone go on this website ,I find it fascinating some of the stuff on there but also a bit weird aswell The 2nd link some guy has made a film about exploring and abandoned RAF hospital but has also found a diary in there from 1975 he reads out some of the entries into the dairy throughout...
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    A blue needs you bluemooners

    Seen this on twitter earlier (apologies to the guy who`s face is on the twitter thing if your on here and didnt want it shown if that makes sense)
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    DIY SOS veterans

    Wow that was a hard watch Hope the 2 lads featured and their families can get their lives back on track
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    Up coming gigs

    I know there`s a few on here that are into their music and thought might be a good idea for a thread for those who like going to gigs to post which gigs they are going to over the next few months,some gigs people might not know about 1st from me Stereo mc`s sept 11th at the academy Seen these...
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    Cover bands

    Have been asked to go to this manchester cover bands gig at the academy in december Have been to loads of gigs over the years,but never been to see a cover/tribute band I dont get cover bands at all i just think its a cop out or that you cant write your own material etc etc, (apologies to any...
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