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    Show of support before Aston Villa | Club update (Pg 13) - Pep wants this to happen

    If your in level 3 towards the north stand, you can join level 2 , walk round to opposite 208 go down 2 flights of stairs to ground level. Not sure if the south Stand has the same setup
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    Gio Kinkladze Documentary

    I bought one of those huge posters of him from a guy selling them after the game, got home and ran upstairs to put it on the wall next to my bed. My wasn't happy and made me put it in my son's room.
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    The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

    This gives us a big advantage, because they play Burnley, he can't put his reserves out. He has to play s strong side, on top of that he only has. 2 days to prepare. We have no excuse not to win this game, everything is in our favour and I fully expect us to do it.
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    Most pain you've been in

    Did my left ankle around 6 weeks ago, along with my right at the same time, clambering over a rocky area of Arnside beach. The pain in my right foot was excruciating, got home and rested it for a week. Put my shoes on to go to the Liverpool and it felt like my foot wasn't attached to my leg...
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    Show of support before Aston Villa | Club update (Pg 13) - Pep wants this to happen

    I broke my leg and fractured my ankle 4 weeks ago, my foot/leg has been in plaster for 4 weeks and I have missed our last 3 home games, I hope to get to the game, but a large crowd gathering on the streets will make it far more difficult. I intended getting to the ground for 2.15, I would...
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    Just For Once, Can The Club Cut The Cheese On Sunday, Please

    Couldn't agree more, the people in charge of the pre match build up, think a good atmosphere can only be built up by playing loud music and letting fireworks off. Big problem is that fans don't get to their seats until 5 or 10 minutes before kick off. Next week, the teams should be announced and...
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    West Ham United (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Villa have a tough home game against Burnley on Thursday night, this should help us considerably, reality is they have a couple of days recovery after a tough game against a team desperate for points. Most of us would have settled for this position at the start of the season. Let's see what...
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    The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

    Win tomorrow and it's done, Klopp won't bother putting out his strongest team, they need rest, the two injuries they got today will have him worried.
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    How many City games have you attended?

    My dad started taking me around 1967, did around 10 a season until 1976 77 when I got a season ticket, I have had one ever since. From 77 until 2014 I would only miss 3 or 4 games a season, ( not including Euro aways) it was harder to get tickets at this point, because I refuse to buy a...
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    The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

    Spot on, this is always conveniently forgot when they talk about European glory, I mention it every time they have a go about our European history, I suggest that our one European trophy had far more glory than all theirs because nobody lost their lives due to the crass behaviour of our fans...
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    The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

    We need to make sur we get the three points tomorrow, they play at Villa on Tuesday, Villa had a good win today so that's as tough as our game at Wolves. C'mon City
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    Aguero the Streamer

    The one he did for the QPR game is an absolute classic, he is such a funny guy who is one of us, I recommend you watch it because it gives a different spin on the game, his comments about Clichey during the Barton incident are brilliant.
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    Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread

    The best team lost over the two games, that can happen in cup football, tonight is incredibly disappointing, but the reality is, if we go on to win the league, we are the best team in England, regardless of whatever else Liverpool win. They will need plenty of support on Sunday, let's make sure...
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    The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

    Don't think it's going to matter because they will lose both games.
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    The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

    I think he's motivated to win every game, their form has dropped and if it wasn't for his great start with them, they would be fighting relegation. The press will continue to play on this, but it's effect will be no more than usual.
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    The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

    It won't, they were fighting to stay in the league, Villa will be more open with little to play for.
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    House Prices

    Good supporters club in Blackpool, run 3 coaches to home games and pick up in the surrounding area including Fleetwood
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    Seasoncard Renewals | Slight Price Increase

    Mine has gone up £10, the small amount isn't the issue for me, It's just the thought that my club are trying to squeeze every penny they can from the most loyal group of fans they have. I will renew, but I do feel the club don't really give a shit about supporters like me. This will be my 45th...
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    Kids/adults running onto the pitch after the final whistle

    I hate this sort of thing, I liked the kid with the Ukrainian flag on Saturday getting Zinchencos shirt, because the lad was showing him support, rather than pleading for the shirt. The guy last night deserves a £5000 fine and a 5 year ban, the son should also be banned for 5 years. This would...
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    Ian Cheeseman vlog v Newcastle

    I take that, I am certainly not doubting he's a blue, personally, I wouldn't be professional enough to commentate on City.
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