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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    sometimes it worth having a read back, just in case one misses a cracker like this! top post.
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    Bournemouth (H) CC 3rd Round Pre-Match Thread

    i think we’d all have our muscle injured, with a Mrs like his.
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    Jules Koundé

    He’ll be 7 foot 8inch by the time they add it all up.
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    Gundogan tests positive for Coronavirus

    Substituted before the team leave, FFS Gundogan!
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    Jules Koundé

    may be we value him at 1.8m and saville value him at 1.84m so if we can compromise 2cm then the deal should get done. ;-)
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    But knowing Woowooo he’ll insist on another £50mil in add on‘s.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    And our defence looks solid at the moment.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    Foden scored!
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    Yes, :-)
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    Still got it,
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    #me too!
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    joke thread....

    sorry mate, fell over on the way to the meet, broke my arm had to go to A&E. To top it all off lost my phone with your number in it. Anyway I’m free tonight, are you still up for it?
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    joke thread....

    From what I’ve heard, the rest of the club are in a dark place, discussing all the negatives. Let’s just hope for your sake, as things develop the picture becomes clearer!
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    not before Sergio gets back!
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    does that mean she’s pregnant?
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    Young Boys
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    Lack of enthusiasm thread

    I can’t be bothered to read the whole thread, so just skipped straight here. Now I’m here, I can’t be bothered at all!
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    I thought it was for the hands and mouth!
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