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    Shaktar Donetsk away

    Anyone had any luck getting flights? I fancy this one but can't get there from anywhere in Europe. Looked at flying to Kiev then onto Donetsk but they're about 500 miles apart, am I pissing in the wind with this one?
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    City v roma link?

    Anyone got a link to stream online pls? I'm abroad and can't get to see it on ss1
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    Anyone NOT had their Cup Final tickets yet?

    I'm still waiting for mine, ordered +10 days ago, has anyone else not had theirs?
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    Adding to your Friends and Family list.

    Has anyone else had problems doing this recently? I've added the correct supporter number and postcode on three different people and all I get is "Sorry your friends supporter number and/or post code do not match please try again" I contacted the club and they sent me a generic reply on how...
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    disneyland paris

    There must be a few on here that have been. We're thinking of taking the kids this summer and can anyone tell me how many days you need there to see it all? I've been told that day passes for a family of four are around the £200 mark so obviously don't want to pay for three days if two is...
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    joey barton brandishes giggs a "wrongun"

    Had to laugh at this <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    the taste of sperm whales

    Re: the taste of sperm I'll give it ten minutes<br /><br />-- Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:39 pm --<br /><br />I'll give it ten minutes
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    champions league fixture dates?

    stick them in here when they're announced please
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    garcia to wales?

    Anyone heard anything about Garcia going, heard a rumour he's going to a Welsh club, can only think it'll be Swansea
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    memory foam mattress

    we need a new mattress and are thinking of one of these, has anyone got one? are they any good?
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    Interesting insider knowledge on the Isco transfer

    isco deal I don't know if this has been put on here and I'm sorry if it has but I found it interesting. [url]] If it hasn't come out I'm sorry but this new phones a pain in the arse wrong forum, please move. Cheers
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    goat boy?

    what's happened to him? I pm'd him on June 18th and he's still not read it, anyone know him personally?
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    Hair Transplants

    Do you think they're any good? Saw this on twitter yesterday, he was at Wimbledon pmsl this one's quality but may have been touched up a tad
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    anyone bought a bike on the cycle to work scheme?

    how much do you get off? Does it vary? I had a look into it and it looked like around 32% but since been told different. If anyone's done it can you give me some advice pls. Cheers
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    HTC one or Samsung Galaxy S4?

    there must be plenty of you with either one of these, my contract is coming to an end so I'm looking at one of these two on a new contract. Can anyone give me some advice on pro's and con's please. I'm not tech savvy and TBH don't know what half of the jargon actually means. Also how much are...
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    new kit launch

    I've heard a week tomorrow in New York
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    has Aguero asked to leave?

    has anyone heard out or is it the plastic at work winding me up?
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    lets look on the bright side

    at least it won't be David Moyes. List all the things to cheer us up, this is the feel good thread!
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    Chris Moyles

    I've heard quite a few rags say that Moyles is nailed on for the utd job, some of these chaps really know there stuff. I think it could be a bit of a gamble by utd considering his lack of managerial experience. Also got told last night that baconface was holding out for his 20th title before...
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    official attendance for last night

    not a guess of how many were there but the official one, anyone know what it was?
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