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    It is only going to be a disappointment. We will get hyped up that we are signing Messi and it will turn out to be us announcing a new sponsor for the backroom staff's training socks... I think its Messi
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    Celtic thread 2020/21

    Yes. Cluj, AEK, Malmo and Maribor.
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    Projector Streaming

    I had sky go on my xbox one and was able to connect my projector to the xbox with a hdmi cable and it worked fine. Could be worth getting a second hand xbox one.
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    Lyon CL QF Pre-Match Thread (15/08/20)

    I dont need to worry about away goals now!
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    Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread

    Power press Jesus. Great result.
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    Players that you forgot played for a team

    Jardel at Bolton. He came on against us if I remember correctly.
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    New TV Offers

    Looking to spend maximum 800 but don't want to buy now if they are all going to come down in price in the next couple of weeks and I could get more bang for my buck.
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    New TV Offers

    Looking to get a new TV. Probably a 65". Does anyone have any insider info on when the prices might start to drop in Currys or Richer Sounds etc...? From looking at price spy on a few sets they seem to be more expensive than around Christmas time. I know there is usually a drop around...
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    Real Madrid (A) - CL R16 Post Match thread

    Great performance. Love this club.
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    Programme insert

    Hi mate. Try I have used this twice in the last 3 years to get a picture in the programme.
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    Seasoncard relocations 19/20

    Thanks mate. They will hopefully give me a call today and we can sort it out.
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    Seasoncard relocations 19/20

    I relocated on the second day of relocations from a good seat on the aisle in 315 around a great set of guys to the seat behind my dad who is on row A in 215. I was 50/50 to go as it was more than double the price but the opportunity to sit next to my dad was a chance I could not miss and he...
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    Falkirk relegated

    Sad news for the fans, the club and the town.
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    FA Cup Final - 18/05 1700hrs

    I sat in club Wembley for the Wigan final and we were told not to wear colours although a scarf was okay. There were a few neutrals and a few Wigan fans in the block along with many city fans. Now they are being sold by city I assume there will be no restrictions on colours and will be City...
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    City's New Kits - 2019/20

    I agree as long as the home kit has white shorts
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    CL QF Draw - City V Spurs ===== SF V Ajax (If we get there)

    *if* we get to the semi final are we home or away first?
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    Carabao Cup Final plans

    No. Quieter after but still a good atmosphere.
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    Wembley hotels

    We are staying in the Wembley High Road travelodge. Stayed there for the last 3 league cup finals. Decent location and not too expensive.
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    Liverpool (H) Post Match Thread

    Great result. I love this club
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