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    who do YOU want ?

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    Punching the disabled?

    Is his name fergie?
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    Semi tickets go on sale?

    They were definitely there at 9am cos I had 2 in my basket, then it wouldn't let me buy them. Went back in and they'd gone so must have been snapped up.
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    Semi tickets go on sale?

    Has anyone had any issues lately with buying online who live in an apartment? There was an issue with this when buying match tickets which meant fans had to ring up instead. Hopefully they have resolved this issue now
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    Semi final ticket error mesage.

    Because I didnt opt for the FA Cup scheme I have to wait until Wednesday 3rd April before I can get mine. Does anyone know how many seats have been sold so far? I have no idea how many people are on the FA cup scheme
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    Adobe flash on firefox

    Usually a different install to the others. Download the right version
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    David White

    David white is a rag!
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    Mourinho and Madrid

    This is nothing new. Mourinho has encouraged this with all of his teams.
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    Samsung Galaxy S3

    Download SwiftKey for typing. Much better. And as for the battery - I had the same problem to begin with. Check your settings. Many apps run in the background doing regular updates such as GPS and mail sync etc.... Also widgets can be power drainers especially combined with gps updates. The...
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    Terry Christian - male chicken/soccer AM

    Re: Terry Christian On Soccer AM He's got a nice pair on him though....
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    Phone Ugrade

    S3 all the way
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    Septembers Player of the Month

    Barry - scored a beauty last night
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    Edin Dzeko (contract update page 370)

    Re: Edin Dzeko legend These champions league games will suit Edin more than the premier league games
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    iPhone 5!

    I have just ditched my iPhone for the S3 after being very disappointed by the new iPhone5. It absolutely shits all over the iPhone. Wish I'd made the change sooner to be honest.
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    De Rossi (again)

    I don't think we need a new keeper personally.... I though he had retired anyway
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    It's Quiet 10 no apologies! (continued)

    It's time for sheikh to show some... Well said
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    I wish I knew how it felt to have so much spare time. Christ
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    Noel Gallagher and York away

    I've been to every city match in the world ever and I am only 26yrs old..... Beat that
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    keeping our stars

    You are very assuming
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