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    Scams (simjacking)

    Just reading about this scam. Somebody got hold of a guy's name, address, phone No, DOB. They applied for a service with a different Telco in his name with a new SIM but with his number.....Presto they soon had access to all his banking shit on his phone, poor sod lost $52,000 in two days. To...
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    High mileage vehicles.

    A mate of mine has a Ford Falcon here in Oz, 4 litre 6 cylinder petrol motor that's done over half a million kilometers. 312,000 miles....Still going strong. Anyway I just saw this bike for sale with more mileage than I've ever seen on 2 wheels. Anybody beat that ?
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    Happy Star Wars day..

    May the 4th be with you !! (well it's the 4th here)
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    Thread about.........Anything you think about.

    Just a thread about whatever you're thinking, can be anything. I was thinking the other day, when I was a teenager and got my first proper job I went everywhere by Bus, late 60's till I got my first motorbike 1973. 218 or 216, Stalybridge to Manchester via Ashton. Or No 11 to Ashton via...
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    House Prices

    At the beginning of the Pandemic we were told house prices would fall by 30 or 40% due to people being in strife with mortgages, due to losing their jobs, limited viewings of houses for sale, the share market plummeting and a host of other reasons. With the whole world shut down this seemed...
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    Who was your favourite comic character ?

    When you were a kid. Dennis the menace Desperate Dan Biffo the bear Roy of the Rovers. Some great ones. I liked the Bash street kids
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    Band names: Origins and Meanings

    Steely Dan, from “The Naked Lunch” by William Burroughs. Name of a steam powered dildo. @dronefromsector7G might have more info.. The Pretty Things name was taken from Bo Diddley's song Pretty Thing.
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    Songs that mention British places.

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    If you lived in America would you own a gun ?

    I've never owned a gun but I would. Considering the likelihood of anyone breaking in my home would probably have one.
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    Famous musicians talking about famous musicians.

    Bowie talking about Little Richard and Mick Jagger Mick Jagger talking about The Beatles Keith Richards talking about Led Zep Kurt Cobain talking about Madonna Liam talking about Noel
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    Ash Barty

    Our local girl has retired. What a shock. Really nice kid, no airs or graces. I thought she'd be No 1 for a while. Great player. Ash Barty announces retirement from tennis after decorated career - ABC News
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    Tight arsed people you know (Or could be yourself)

    I'm tight in some ways I admit.....Now were retired me and the wife go for regular walks near the beach. We like a coffee at some point but we refuse to pay almost $10 for 2 coffee's so we find a 7/11 and buy two $1 coffee's and find a nice bench near the beach. Over the last 2 years of covid I...
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    Which Current (ish) Threads in Off Topic have you Never Clicked On ?

    Bluemoon Cheltenham Champion Tipser Final Table Running thread The Pro Road Cycling Thread 2022 Rugby League Thread Athletics 2022 Did I miss owt ?
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    Songs that mention American places.

    Only one song per post please ,!! I'll start. Alabama, Neil Young.
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    Your favourite Python sketch.

    This is still piss funny. Timing is perfect.
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    Maho Beach, St Maarten and airport.

    Haha crazy fuckers !
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    The Silent Enemy

    No, not the name of a John Le Carre novel (although it sounds like it). Time is the silent enemy. I read that from 1970 till now is the same as 1918 to 1970, that shocked me for a moment, hang on 1918 was the fucking dark ages surely, the end of WW1. But its true. Time is marching on, did you...
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    Neil Young demands Spotify remove his music.

    Good onya Neil...
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    Football players hiring ex SAS soldiers for their families protection

    Pretty sad this (sorry it's the DM) After what happened to Cancello, I dont blame them, todays society eh. Jittery Premier League stars call in SAS soldiers to protect their families | Daily Mail Online
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    What is the longest drive you've done ?

    I've never done a really long drive. So maybe this will be a crazy idea. We are planning a trip from Brisbane to visit friends in Perth. If it were possible to drive non-stop it would take about 60 hours using the coastal route Hwy 1. Obviously that is not possible so we're planning to drive...
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