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    Which secondary school did you attend?

    Trinity high school opposite the Dental Hospital 1989-1994 , it was nothing like it is now, we were there during the Gooch/Doddington drugs war era , it was all happening within 500 yards , then transferred to Longsight where im from, crazy days.
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    Must see documentaries..

    Watched one on YouTube about Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes, biggest heroine dealers in Harlem, was the real story of "American Gangsta " the Denzel Washington film, mad to believe they were importing Heroine in Dead GIs caskets coming back from Vietnam
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    Noel Gallagher on Talksport

    For me id rather see John Wardle and Dave Makin in the dressing room , they kept club going pre takeover and again when Thaksin did one, covered wages pre Sheikh, Met Dave Makin again at Wembley such a nice guy, used to sit next to him on back row of kippax , never believe he was part owner of...
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    Rhodes, Middleton

    I live on Baguley Crescent, i was in the middle and it was vile but moved to Heywood Court at the entrance of Baguley crescent and its alot better, Wilton my local, great lads who've been there years , made to feel very welcome by locals and now regular
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    Bruce Springsteen Etihad In May

    Thatll do me, i work for Showsec so will be working that one
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    8 Years ago today

    "50th anniversary of Munich sponsored by AIG"
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    Chelsea away on sale

    Gutted cant go due to ~Cup final week after, wanted tick Bridge off list esp at reasonable price
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    Bruce Springsteen fans?

    I doubt he has a say to be honest
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    Vicky Kloss

    As Vicky Kloss's husband is a big time barrister im sure if she had major problem with ferguson she'd of took legal advice
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    League Cup Final Ticket Allocation {merged}

    Dont forget we get 25% off Train with Season ticket, £19.50 i got one for last night, £5 Megabus back , £25 plus £40 ticket not a bad day out
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    Big shout out to Gareth Barry

    We still won the league and Garcia played his part in the run in when Fernandinho was injured
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    Everton (home) Semi Final Tickets

    Never, dont stoop to their level
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    Just announced Jack Bannister has died, aged 85
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    Seen Collymore and Matterface at Etihad plus Durham on a Saturday, defo do live Commentaries in UK not sure about foreign games though
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    Everton (home) Semi Final Tickets

    I've got a season ticket at the Etihad and only do domestic cup games, hate the CL so i work for Showsec on them games, i was on the Segregation line for that game, it did kick off and also the head of security spoke to City about fears of German fans in home end and asked for extended away end...
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    Everton (home) Semi Final Tickets

    We dreamed of this years ago , love the league cup, had to miss final last time really want to get there this year.
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    Encountering Non-City football players / staff in everyday life

    Clearly never went in there, straightest Gay bar ever haha
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    Jonjo Shelvey to Newcastle

    In my opinion its a cracking signing, scores goals something the rest of their midfield doesnt do.
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    Encountering Non-City football players / staff in everyday life

    Working the doors in town i ran into a few rags , 2 totally different situations 1 Dwight Yorke just after he'd signed for that lot come to Bar 38 in Gay Village with a load of Hangers on, binned them off at the door and was told Dwight was "Representing Manchester " as a City fan that was end...
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    Sunday Supplement 15/16

    Think thats Custis dream rather than what he thinks will happen
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