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    Oasis at Maine Road. 25 years ago today

    Couldn’t find a thread for this... 25 years ago today, Oasis played the first of two days at Maine Road. At the time, their biggest-ever gigs, and with fantastic support bands. I was fortunate enough to be working at Maine Road that season, running one of the bars in the Kippax, which meant I...
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    Johnny Nash, RIP

    Has this has gone unnoticed, both on here and in the press? US reggae legend Johnny Nash passed away yesterday. Sad news that seems to have been overlooked. I absolutely love this tune:
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    Abdelhak Nouri (Ajax player) - Has awoken from his coma

    Scary scenes here in Austria today. We were at the friendly game Bremen v Ajax, and the 20-year-old Nouri just collapsed on the pitch. Appears it was a heart attack. Helicopter landed on the pitch and lifted him to Innsbruck. I hear he's survived, but such an event makes you look at your own...
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    Speeding ticket in Victoria, Australia

    So I've just received a speeding fine from Victoria police, sent all the way to my flat in Innsbruck. It appears I was caught on camera doing 106 in a 100 zone, so have been slapped with a $194 dollar fine and a one point penalty. For all our Australian residents, is that a normal fine or are...
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    Camper van through Australia and New Zealand

    We're looking at doing this from Sydney to Adelaide, followed by Christchurch to Auckland. Does anyone have any experience of renting camper vans, tips, places to go/avoid? Good rental companies and places to stay?
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    Austrian presidential elections

    Today is a big day in Austria - the presidential elections. There are two candidates, Norbert Hofer from the far-right party, and Alexander van der Bellen from the Greens. As an ex-pat, I'm not allowed to vote, but this election could have serious consequences, not just for Austria, but the EU...
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    Northern Soul Radio

    Yesterday evening, I broadcast the first episode of my 4-part series on Northern Soul. I know that there are loads of Soulboys and Soulgirls on the forum, so I'm posting the link to my radio show in the hope that someone might listen to it! I would love to hear some of your feedback too...
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    St Gallen, Switzerland

    Are there are any bluemooners in St Gallen? Or does anybody know the city? Am heading there in a couple of hours as I'm working at the uni for a week, and wouldn't mind a bit of info on where to watch the Sevilla game. Thanks!
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    Young Dutch Players

    Does anybody know if we have any young Dutch players, possibly on the EDS? About an hour ago, I was sat outside Schiphol airport and a young lad walked past in one of those tops the players wear when they travel. In addition, he had ID/VIP tags around his neck. He was alone, but seemed to know...
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    I would really appreciate anyone's help on this one. A while ago I bought and paid for a laptop on ebay, but the delivery company fucked up and never delivered it. I contacted the seller and he promised to pay the money back into my Paypal account. He still hasn't done this, and I'm not sure if...
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    Do any Blues know anything about the city of Durham? I've just been offered a temporary teaching post at Durham University. However, having never actually been to the city, I know nothing about it all. I would greatly appreciate any info. Cheers.
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    Watched the game in the pub here in Leipzig. A couple of Utd 'fans' here. F###in lovely!!!!!! my mate, who's a Spurs fan, was cheering us on That made two. Man, did I shock the whole pub when Toure scored. Am f###in hammered!
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    absolutely woeful!

    That has to be the worst performance I've seen this season. What the hell was Kolarov still doing on the pitch for the second half? Completely at fault for the last two goals. I'm not a Mancini 'outer' but that performance has tested my patience. How can you be three down at half-time and make...
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    Tickets for Reading?

    Hi, I know this is a serious longshot, but I am kind of unexpectedly back in Manchester this weekend and wouldn't mind taking in the game. Unfortunately, the OS no longer has two tickets together for sale. Are there any Blues with tickets on here who may be unable to go tomorrow? If not, I'll...
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    Problem with 'new' fans

    I fail to understand why there are so many people on this forum who are totally against so-called 'plastic' or 'new' fans switching their allegiance to City. Maybe, just maybe some of these people have been looking for the right club to support, and for one reason or another, it doesn't happen...
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    A big thank you to my fellow Blues!

    As you can probably tell from my name I no longer live in Manchester, but continue to spread the gospel in my new home in the Vaterland. Yesterday I took my German girlfriend (A Bremen fan) to CoMS for her first visit. She was completely bowled over by the City fans, kept saying how nice we all...
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    Lee 'Scratch' Perry

    This legend is playing a gig in Leipzig tonight! Time to get off the forum and get ready to dance!
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    Blackpool at home

    I know it's still a bit early, but I'm thinking of flying to Manc to visit the family for New Year and would love to go to the game. However, I won't be coming alone this time and was wondering if anybody might have 3 spare tickets (seated together) available. I know it's a longshot, but one...
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    So I was in my old local in Dresden yesterday evening after the game and my mates introduced me to the new barman. The lads proceed to tell him that I'm a City fan and this new barman says I'm just jumping on the bandwagon by supporting City! I noticed he was Irish and asked him who he...
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    best band in Germany

    Check out this band. Good mates of mine, just released their first album.
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