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    End of era. Start of era

    When I started going to Maine Road, the era later became know as the Bell, Lee, Summerbee years. I think Kompany leaving today is symbolic of the end of this era, the first one following the takeover. For me, that started with Yaya's goal in the semi final and ended today. The players I will...
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    Unusual goals

    Saw this on Twitter. Bizarre!
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    Manchester City being investigated by the RSPCA

    Nah, I'm kidding
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    Juventus to borrow 150 million euros

    Not a problem loading your club with debt under FFP. No agenda though, obviously.
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    Anyone got an electric car?

    My wife and I have decided we no longer need 2 cars. It's an unnecessary waste. Sharing one between us will be no big deal. And while we're about it, we are thinking of going full electric. I've never even been in an electric car and so am interested in other people's experiences. Cheers
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    Who do you know on Bluemoon?

    I mean in real life rather than on here. I only know one and that's @Prestwich_Blue. I bet there are more that I also know, but I like the anonymity, so I'm not giving any clues. Just interested. (You can tell it's the international break)
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    Blue Moon's Creator is Making a Marijuana-Infused Beer

    Keith Villa, the man who created the recipe for the popular Blue Moon beer, has a new project: a marijuana-infused beer made by his new brewing company. Instead of being brewed with alcohol, the beer will be infused with marijuana that is designed to mimic the effects of drinking a traditional...
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    Can you tell the style of football from how the manager looks?

    No nonsense Academic Thoughtful Stylish Thuggish
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    We have the most valuable squad in the world

    Read this today which is interesting showing the potential transfer vales of each team's squad. We are top. However when I saw that Lukaku is valued at 165m euros I have to ask whether these guys are better at sums than football CIES Football Observatory VALUES Issue n°202 - 06/11/2017...
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    Cup draws conspiracy - fact or fiction?

    As I had an extra hour today, I did a bit of research on City and United cup draws to see if I could explode a myth. I analysed all the League Cup and FA Cup draws over the last 3 seasons, 15/16, 16/17 and 17/18 to date. In total, 31 matches covered (statistically significant?). The results...
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    City march on!

    13 games won on the bounce (Thirteen!) 28 points out of 30 in the league, and 5 and 8 points respectively ahead of our nearest rivals. Top of the champions league group and into the 1/4 final of the shambles cup. Has it ever been so good?
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    Now TV

    I am thinking of cancelling Sky and moving to Now TV. My Sky cost is £71.50 per month and that's only for Sports. It would be half that price with Now. Anyone have it and how do you find it? Any comments on functionality and content would be appreciated.
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    Motorbike parking today

    For years I've been riding through the main entrance, turn left, and find a space. No fuss, no bother. Stewards smiling and helpful. Push the bike out after the final whistle and ride home. Today I was refused entry and told I had to park in the "grey" car park, which is right next to the away...
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    Best Premier League Team over last 5 years?

    2011 3rd 2012 Champions 2013 Runners up 2014 Champions 2015 Runners up
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    Ivory Coast v Algeria

    Kicks off at 19.30. On Eurosport.
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    More, or less confident of winning the league after today?

    My spirits are definitely higher than they were this morning. Nasri, Yaya and Bony to return. Aguero and Kompany getting better. City's proven resilience at the back end of the season. Taking a point at Stamford Bridge which no other team has done this year. The machine is about to click into gear.
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    29th October 2014

    I've just checked and that was the last game (v Newcastle) we had all of our first choice players available. i.e. not injured or away on international duty. I class the following as first choice: Hart, Zaba, Kompany, Clichy, Yaya, Nasri, Silva, Aguero. That's 17 consecutive games unable to...
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    Vile Football Clubs

    Let's be honest. This isn't going to last long.
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    Madrid v Barca tomorrow

    Should be a good watch on Sky. Looking forward to seeing Costa
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    Home: Played 5 Won 5, Away: Played 6 Won 1

    over to you Pellegrini
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