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    Seems many companies are going in on this. Facebook spending billions of dollars each year and has now changed it’s name to Meta. Atari are working on a gaming platform in the metaverse. Decentraland has sold a virtual plot of land for over half a million dollars. Some serious resources being...
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    New mobile phone - PAC code for same network?

    I'm after some advice. My current contract with Vodafone is up, and I could do with a new handset. I've looked online and seen a few decent deals still with Vodafone, but not direct through them. I rang Vodafone and they've said they can't match the deal I've seen, so I've given notice to...
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    United Home League Cup Tickets

    Bluemoon Ticket Alert: Rags at home tickets in the LC are on sale as of 10am this morning to season card holders. Each season ticket holder ticket can get two tickets. I could be wrong, but I don’t think has been well publicised (hence the thread), and there could be a few unhappy season...
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    Auto Renewal - NowTv Rip off

    I'm after some advice. Last season I purchased a Now TV Sky Sports for 10 months for £179, paid it it one go and got Sky Sports for 10 months. What I didn't realise is that after 10 months I went onto a contract worth onto £33.99 a month. For one reason or another I've only just spotted that...
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    Man on Stockport Viaduct

    My train was delayed this morning. I eventually got on a train about 10am at Stockport that went over the viaduct at about 5mph. On the right hand side as the train slowly passed there was a guy looking quite relaxed just lying down on the edge of viaduct, even gave a wave as the train went by...
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    Crowdfunding - Investing In Property

    What are people's opinions on this? I've taken a look at The House Crowd (based in Manchester) and also Property Partner (more properties darn Sarf) and think of chucking a few quid at it. The main drawback as far as I can tell seems to be with the liquidity of your investment. Anyone used...
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    Making an offer on a house

    After years (and about £30k) of renting I've decided to get my own place. I've sorted my agreement in principle and been on upwards of a dozen viewings, and at the weekend found a house I like. The house I like has only just come on the market is a couple of grand over my budget. When on the...
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    Making a website

    How easy is this to do? Can you make a professional looking site without having to get someone to do it all for you? Say something similar to the main bluemoon website without the forum, would that be doable? How long would in take for someone with little knowledge of building a website to put...
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    Incoming mobile calls abroad

    Bit of forward planning here. I'm going abroad in a month or so and someone from the UK will be likely to ring my mobile. I don't want them to know I'm out the country. Will they get a different ring tone? Also, my current vociemail message is the standard o2 message. If it goes through to my...
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    Man United share issue

    Apologies as I was unsure which forum this belonged on, but seeing as my interest in more in the financial side of things as opposed to the an interest in United I’ve opted for in here. The whole thing doesn’t seem to make sense to me as I guess they’re not going to pay a dividend, and the...
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    Where can you buy cheap football shirts online?

    Hi I'm after an Atletico Madird shirt, ideally from 2010/11 with Kun Aguero on the back. Does anyone know a site where I can one that isn't a knock off? One ideally based in the UK, or one that you've used that you'd recommend. There seem to be loads like this one <a class="postlink"...
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    Buying a ticket then moving seats (offically)

    Does anyone know if I can buy a ticket for the Derby then a few days later ring up and move seats? I ask as I can get a ticket for the Derby before my mates can due to loyalty points. As good a mates as they are I don't want to wait unil Friday to try and get a ticket just in case, but wondered...
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    Belle Vue Fair

    I drive past this each day and coming home see the rides and the lights. Anyone been? Is it worth going or is it shit?
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    Mini COMS/ little Ethiad

    What do they use this for these days? I know the reserves used to play there. What's it used for now? They always seem to have the floodlights on and the netting in the nets. Who plays there?
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    Erm.... 1 for sale & 1 spare needed!

    Hi I could do with a spare today for my brother for £20 if anyone has got one. Or if anyone wants to buy my ticket for £20, in the North Stand corner towards the back of 134. Then I'll buy BigDogs pair off him. I would need the card back though as it's my membership card you'd be using. Cheers.
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    Wanted: Morrissey at York Barbican Centre

    Hi, Bit of a long shot, but don't suppose anyone has a couple of tickets for this. I did try on Friday but they'd all gone. Thanks
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    Leaving work without giving notice

    Hi I've not gone back into work after the weekend. I've only been working for them since October, while I've been there they've sacked 3 people and 3 others have walked out (There's now only 4 people left in the office) I still speak to one of the girls in the office, and she said they are...
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    Can I use last seasons access card?

    I bought 2 tickets for Arsenal game online using my customer number. They sent me out one paper ticket and said they'd activated my access card for the other. Thing is my acess card is the one form last season that has Le Coq Sportif on it, can I still use this as I know in previous seasons...
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    Everton at home

    What's the deal with this fixture? Does anyone know when it is or is likely to be? Thanks.
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    WANTED: 1 Oasis ticket for the Saturday

    If anyone can help me out it'd be apprecaited.
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