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    In my new house I've inherited some decking in not exactly great shape. Quite a lot with it tbh, but generally just not looked after well enough so I'm going to have to replace a fair amount of it. I've looked around and a lot of the companies have pretty uninspiring reviews so I was wondering...
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    Cost of building/extensions?

    I am making the leap to buying the home I hopefully will live in for the foreseeable future and start expanding my family, so was wondering if any blues are familiar with the vague costs of adjustments I'd want to potentially make, in order to get a bit of an estimate as to how much I should...
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    Amazon Fire Stick

    I'm guessing with the Man City app coming out on it, some of you guys have picked up an Amazon fire stick and I was wondering whether you thought it was any good? I currently have a smart tv with my PS4 plugged into it, so can get all the standard apps like Netflix, Amazon, Sky, iPlayer etc but...
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    I'm petty sure I've caught pneumonia over Christmas (at least according to everyone else) and was wondering if anyone else has had it, how serious it is and whether it's worth going to the doctors? Not keen to get involved with the NHS at this time of year as it'll be a nightmare, so I'm hoping...
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    Allardyce v Dyche

    There has been a lot of talk about how great Dyche has been this year and how out of touch and poor Allardyce has been, but I've really not seen much difference between the two tbh. So I looked up the stats as to how they've actually done and really they are just the same person, except Dyche...
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    Sporting CP meltdown

    After last nights loss to Atletico in the EL, Sporting (Lisbon) have gone into absolute meltdown seemingly out of nowhere. President Bruno de Carvalho decided to send out a facebook post trashing the players, saying they didn't try, were useless and the ones who got yellows ruling them out of...
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    West Ham DoF: "I'm not racist, but Africans can be trouble"

    Spectacularly ridiculous stuff coming out of West Ham. Apparently they told a scout that they didn't want any more Africans, then when questioned on why they decided the sensible thing was to say that it's because Africans are trouble. They made sure to state that they aren't racist, but they...
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    The age of our squad now

    Seriously, just look at the age of our squad now, given how ancient it was just 18 months ago. People talk about how much we've spent, but we've built the base of a team for the next 5+ years now whilst dominating in the short term as well, it's incredible. Ederson 23 Walker 27 Mendy 23 Stones...
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    Is Yaya the greatest African player of all time?

    I was watching one of those "footballs greatest" things on Sky about George Weah and it ended by declaring he was the greatest African of all time and it got me thinking. Is there a case to be made that Yaya is now the greatest of all time? I know George Weah won the Ballon D'Or at one point...
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    Chris Wilder

    Living in Sheffield, his name is coming up more and more and it's getting to the point where he is surely one of the most promising English managers out there, despite being pretty unknown. As a player he was a complete nobody so he's had to start right at the bottom with a series of none...
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    World's gone mad My personal favourite part of this utter nonsense is this bit "The family's lawyer, barbara findlay, who chooses to spell her name without capital letters"
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    How long until Birmingham go broke?

    They look to be doing all the classic moves to go bankrupt. They sacked a stable manager and replaced him with Zola, then paid Twitcher a fortune to essentially not lose 3 games, then they've given him the job full time and seem to be letting him do his usual routine of handing out giant...
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    Gael Clichy - 2016/17 performances

    Doesn't seem to have a thread, which possibly tells it's own story. A complete non-event of a player these days. Defensively average a best and pretty much pointless when we have the ball, surely the time has come for a couple of new leftbacks? Clichy has survived for far too long just because...
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    Telegraphs 50 most powerful people in English football

    This is genuinely hilarious Just a summary 4) Jose Mourinho 8) Ed Woodward 11) Gary Neville 12) Wayne Rooney 15) Mino Raiola 16) David Beckham 20) The Glazers 22) Zlatan Ibrahimovic 23) Sir Alex...
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    Ligue 1

    After seeing the best team by a mile in Ligue 1 look pretty unimpressive last night, what sort of level do people think the French league is these days? As even with PSG inflating the leagues coefficient, they have now just dropped behind Portugal as the 5th best league in Europe according to...
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    Just retire mate. The manager insists on playing him, so it falls on Martin to do the honourable thing and just call it quits. Worst season I can remember from a City centerback and there is some serious competition in that department
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    Football commentary

    I find myself being increasingly unable to tolerate the absolute fuckwittery of commentators, not just in City games where you obviously are tense so think they are out to get you (which some are!) but in games in general. The standard is so fucking low and they just come out with a constant...
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    Sergio Oliveira

    According to Ojogo, us and Spurs have asked Porto if he's available. They've apparently said he's not for sale, so it's probably a non-story, but you never know. Quality young midfielder and was outstanding at the U21's.
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    Euro U21 Championships

    With football abandoning us for the summer, anyone looking forward to this? Starts next week and England have taken a ridiculous strong (and old) squad so should really compete. Tough group though
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    England Squad

    Jamie Vardy. Seriously? Who's his agent?
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