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    Bundesliga Thread - 2021/22

    I presume it will end at the Marktplatz by the Altes Rathaus. Just a guess
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    Open-top bus parade tonight (Monday 23rd) 6pm

    Anyone know if it’s on telly?
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    The Bee Gees

    Keppel. First place they performed is now the Co-op funeral home on the corner of Nicolas Road
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    The Bee Gees

    Good Chorlton lads
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    Bundesliga Thread - 2021/22

    My mrs is a Bremen fan. Happy for her after what they’ve been through
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    Nope. Can’t agree. I’ve never hated Utd as much as this current Liverpool team and their bullshit. I wanted Klopp as our manager before Pep. How wrong was I? I don’t want these scouse c&&ts ever Winning anything. They are the most odious, obnoxious c&&ts I’ve ever experienced in my 40 years as a...
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    You're quite right, and I never said it was fully correct. I teach the English language and am quite aware of the different views. My aim was solely to give a simplified explanation and not go deep into the topic. Far too mindblowing for this forum!
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    If I may stick my oar in - An acronym is read as a word. If the abbreviation cannot be read as a word, it is called an initialism: Laser, UEFA, NATO, radar, scuba - all acronyms BBC, FBI, EU - all initialisms UFO is both, but that's a story for another day :)
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    Premier League or Champions League?

    After last night? Both. I’m not sure I can handle the media wankathon otherwise. Trust me, it’s just as bad over here
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    I’m far from ‘fur lined’. Never been able to grow a proper beard. I suppose it’s nature’s way of telling me I’m a much better-looking guy without facial hair :))
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    Still worth doing tho
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    Don’t forget the hot towel beforehand to open the pores
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    Kids/adults running onto the pitch after the final whistle

    I went to our game in Munich (2016, I think) in the home end. Had my City scarf on and nobody could have mistaken me for a home supporter. Got in no problem and sat amongst the home fans cheering our goals. Even chatted to the Munich fans and drank with them. Of course, there are some grounds I...
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    Compulsory Voting: Yes or No?

    No to compulsory voting. Our ancestors didn’t fight for the right to vote, they fought for the right to be able to vote. This means we have the choice to vote or not, and I believe that is the correct way. Forcing somebody to vote is hardly democracy, is it? If someone chooses not to vote, for...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Before my time!
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Don’t forget Thomas Aquinas!
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Changed its name to Oakwood High School in the early 80s. Now called Chorlton High again.
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    What would you uninvent?

    Any big German car
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    CL Draw | QF: Atletico Madrid | SF: Chelsea/Real Madrid

    British teams don’t do ‘dark arts’. We invented the game as a gentleman’s sport. Give me one example of a British footballer who has been accused of employing said ‘arts’ in the media
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    You might want to read up on your history
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