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  1. J

    Adele Tonight...

    Anyone got a spare ticket? For my brothers missus.. Honest!
  2. J

    Neil Young Banner

    I will be bringing the "ONLY ONE NEIL YOUNG" Banner on Saturday and unveiling it in block 136, Row N, In the North Stand Behind the goal. If you sit near these rows, any help holding it aloft for Nelly would be appreciated! All together now! ONE NEIL YOUNG, THERE'S ONLY ONE NEIL YOUNG!
  3. J

    De Jong Photoshop help!

    im looking into getting banner made for Nige! I'm absolutely shite when it comes to photo shop so i was wondering if one of the bluemoon photoshop experts could... make this photo.. and this photo like the Grant Holt picture in this photo I just want Nige and nothing else.. in black if...
  4. J

    Aris Away Tickets

    Anyone know when there likely to be announced? I’ve got 4500... not that hopeful really as I’m expecting a small allocation!
  5. J

    Thessalonki Hotels?

    Thessaloniki* Anyone booked a hotel yet? we're looking for one, but would prefer if other blues we're staying in and around?
  6. J

    Does anyone know where the match is on tonight?

    In the sale, timperley or brooklands area? We've rang everwhere to no avail! Any help appreciated!
  7. J


    Im off to brussels this weekend, anyone know of any cracking bars/places to eat etc? Most importantly, anyone know of any where to watch the match!
  8. J


    Does anyone know if the club are doing the Zebra Finance renewals for season tickets next season?
  9. J

    9,000 Allocation at the Swamp!

    its been confirmed today we have bwen given an allocation of 9,004 which is the normal away area and the 2nd tier of the east stand behind the goal. Mint!
  10. J

    Sibierski Retires...

    i thought on reading this i'd check his Wikipedia.. his personal life made me chuckle! Sibierski has a wife called Isabelle, two daughters - Axelle & Sibylle - and a baby boy, Alessandro.[citation needed] He has been friends with fellow footballer and former Lille teammate Fabien Barthez...
  11. J

    Brummies Away Announced

    Seasoncard holders can buy tickets for the Barclays Premier League match at Birmingham City on Sunday, November 1 (4pm) from tomorrow. Please note there will be no ticket returns in the last week of sale. An allocation of tickets will be available priced as follows – £42: Adults. £21...
  12. J

    United Tickets (Their end...)

    If you know anyone with a One United membership, you can get tickets in their end using there membership.. personally i'd rather eat cat shit!
  13. J

    Our Away Day Flag..

    Me and our kid are looking at getting our own flag as were attending the majority of the aways this season.. we need a little help really with the design aspect. our current situation is the fact we live in Stretford, literally a stones throw away from the swamp and we need something to show...
  14. J

    Amsterdam hotels?

    anyone know any decent ones/cheap ones? me and a few mates are going in November and we need to get booking so its cheap! :) thanks for any help!
  15. J

    Michael Owen..

    Rags Number 7.. just incase theres any rags lurking on here who needed to know.. its quite funny really when you think of the players who have wore the shirt.. so called "Legends".. haha!
  16. J

    is any one on a invite only torrent site...

    i find that the ones i use tend to give my computer heartburn... is any one on torrenttech or waffles? would kindly add me? :)
  17. J

    New City Shirt Sizes..

    Just to give people the heads up on the sizes for the new kit.. XS - 34" S - 36" M - 38" or 40" L - 42" or 44" XL - 46" XXL - 48" or 50" XXXL - 52" XXXXL - 54" XXXXXL - 56" or 58"
  18. J

    UFC 100

    As setanta has gone royally man down.. does anyone know if its going to still be on or moved to another channel?
  19. J

    Platini's Comments

    PARIS (AFP) – European football supremo Michel Platini expressed shock Thursday as Real Madrid's world record bid for Cristiano Ronaldo followed hot on the heels of the blockbuster Kaka move. "These excessive transfers are happening almost every day," said the Frenchman, who as president of...
  20. J

    is any body else having problems renewing online?

    both my computer at work and at home wont let me renew online? is anyone else having a shit time?
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