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    Fact of the Evening

    90% of people will suffer from gingivitis during their lives. Floss those pearly whites.
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    Ps3 80710092 error (cant sign in)

    Ok can't sign into psn again. Is anyone else getting this?
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    Kolarov and the Mayor

    Just looked and I don't think anyone has posted this, so for anyone who hasn't seen it.
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    Bloody Loco

    Watch out next time you're on a train or subway, Bloody Loco could be on board. Make sure you recognise his name and write it down ASAP. If only Epic Beard Man was there to save the day.
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    Has anyone recently used one of these and had any problems?
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    Second Indonesian Volcano erupts (Krakatau)

    The volcano that is in place of the old Krakatau has now erupted. It's called Anak Krakatau, seems alot of volcano's eruption recently..... Although it apprently isn't uncommon for this volcano to erupt it is uncommon for so many of Indonesia's volcano's to be erupting at the same time...
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    Fifa 10 - PRO Clubs - The Selection

    I am starting up a Fifa 10 pro team called The selection, it will be using Brazil. If anyone has a pro rated around the 80+ mark then you are welcome to join. Leave your PSN name rating and position if you would like to join.
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    World cup final prediction

    Looks like The Netherlands are set to win the world cup. My sources tell me the score will be 2 - 1 to The Netherlands and Sneijder will be the winning scorer.
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    Best England football anthem?

    It has to be.....
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    Fifa 10 Pro Ranked Match

    Does anyone know why when i go on a pro ranked match it wont let me pick a team to go on. It just comes up with the two teams but there is no one to be seen just a blank page, whilst the clock counts down from 2 minutes. Anyone else having trouble getting this to work?
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    Music Technology A2 level Exam

    Just finished my Music Tech A level exam UNIT 4 and am just wandering if anyone else took this exam this year?
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    whats MR T and theo walcott got in common ? Actually Walcott is going to be getting on a plane.
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    World cup anthem

    It's actaully pretty good this year. I hadn't heard it till earlier yesterday tis quite catchy.
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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bluemoon Team deathmatch

    I'm bored lets have a Call of Duty modern warfare 2 team deathmatch. -- Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:35 pm -- On Ps3 if anyone is interested.
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    North Korea prepares for war

    North korea have started preparing for a war with South Korea which the US and probably the UK will be involved in soon enough.
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    Rochdale Votes......

    I did not even know this party existed anymore but over 2000 people in Rochdale have voted for The National Front. (second biggest swing percentage in Rochdale)
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    Reason (music program

    Does anyone on here use it? I've only recently started using it as i am doing A level music and have to make my own version of Rick James Superfreak on it as well as some other things. Anyway i never knew about this program before as i had only used Cubase (which is awful lol) and think it is an...
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    FIFA CLUBS - Cityzen Blues (ps3)

    This is a new club for anyone who currently has a pro but does not have a team to play in. Anyone is free to join and you will not be kicked off. Currently we have 10 squad members but are looking for more. So anyone who would like to join is free to, if you want to join leave your PSN name on...
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    Game on Fifa 10....anyone?

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