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    We are not very good at this sportwashing thing are we?

    In one transfer window we had the change to sign Messi or Ronaldo even both . If City was a sportwashing tool for UAE. We would have signed them 100%
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    Sterling and the hate he gets

    As soon as Sterling went down for the pen I knew what all of us would be reading in the media the next day. Pen or not it was a soft pen granted but I am 100 % that no other player in the world would be called diver for this from so many.
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    City player's performances at Euro 2020

    So far... Walker not very good dropped for game 2 . Stones ok Ake on the bench both games one assist Dias good first game very poor game 2 Laporte good Zhench. Good Rodri nothing special Gundo poor first game good second game Kevin. Showed best quality of anyone on Euro so far ...
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    King Power

    why is Leicester allowed to use King Power on there shirt and naming right ? The people that own King Power are the same people that own Leicester . Anyone that has any more info on this
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    A question about tickets

    I have a question to fans here . There is a guy I am having a argument with about City he says that he has been to Etihad many times with no ticket and every time he got a ticket just by going to the ticket sale outside Etihad just before the game. I have been few times but always with tickets...
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    Wenger "Clubs Must Respect Rules"/FFP “not normal”

    Wenger is the only one of the big football persons to come out and just say it is correct to ban City. I mean he has a right to his opinion but come on man show some respect . He realy does hate us doesnt he..
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    Worried about the EDS

    I think that the state on the youth team is a worry. The U19 team is losing to Atalanta at home I think. There is nothing on the City app and a little interest among City fans it seems what is the standard how is Tommy Doyle doing or the young defenders ? I just worry , Liverpool or United...
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    Sport washing

    Ok you can not go on Twitter these days with out reading something about our human rights abusing owners. What we can not deny is that UAE have poor human rights record. But City is own by a company but now everybody are just saying that we are owned by a state, but lets for argument say that...
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    Net spend

    Its net spend time once again on Twitter The way I see it , I just cant see what different it makes where the money comes from. Yes I understand that when you have to sell players to be able to buy you can not use that player. But you are starting a new season with new squat I just can not...
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