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    City VHS Videos free to a good blue home

    I have about a dozen City VHS videos bought mainly in the 90's. Does anyone have a need for them? If you do PM me and you can have them if you can collect them from Cheadle.
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    City landmarks not grounds or training grounds.

    How about to start. The Tatton Arms, Moss Nook - Andy Black was landlord there in the 50s. Locations with a City Connection
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    Cup Schemes

    Can anyone post me the link of where you sign up to the Cups and European ticket schemes. Don't usually bother but I have more time this year and will go to more of the games other than the league ones. Looked on the club website and couldn't find anything.
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    Pub showing game tonight central london

    Does anyone know which pubs if any are showing City live tonight in Central London. I guess Chelsea will be the game most will be showing. Cheers
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    Email Addresses, Domains and Websites

    Can someone help me. I am starting my own business but know nothing of how to get a business email address, domains, hosting or if I can create a decent website myself with help of Google and the internet. How do you start?
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    Shereka Marsh aged 15, shot dead in London

    15 year old girl who met Jamaican High Commissioner last week at her school has been shot dead. 3 lads arrested.
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    Matt Busby

    Family debate How did we sign Matt Busby. I thought a City Manager went to Liverpool docks to sign him my dad and father in law think not Who signed Matt Busby to City.
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    Best Team in the Land and All the World (Vikings Film Theme)

    Original theme from The Vikings film from 1958. City City City City City. City City The best team in the land
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    Barcelona Plus beach

    I haven't been to Barcelona since before my kids were born and would like to go back. The kids don't want to stay in Barca they want to stay next to the sea. Can anyone recommend a resort within about 50km from Barcelona
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    What Happend in Kavos

    Just started on C4
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    Streamiing Music Help required.

    I bought myself a REVO K2 in the Sales and can't work out how to stream from my PC to the Revo I got the DAB, Internet Radio and Last FM working but not the streaming. Everything seems ok in Windows Media Player but the Revo doenst see it/ Does anyone have any ideas
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    Virgin Media packages & costs

    I have been with NTL and Virgin Media a good few years and was wondering what other people pay. My package is: Talk Mobile 2 Talk Unlimited Loyalty Pack Bb/ Phone/TV C TV Size: X L Includes ESPN 1 Additional V Box V+ HD Monthly Fee Broadband Size: L Bundle Charges total £ 49.50 Phone line...
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    Excel Help needed

    How do I format excel cells to give me the right answer I have one elapsed hour 01:00 formatted I have a calucation of standard hours earnt In this example: 56 mins or 0.93 hors The efficiency against standard is therefore 93% It's driving me mad I can't get the right answer.
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    Devon and Cornwall

    Thinking of taking the kids down to Devon and Cornwall in the Summer Anyone recommend somewhere not to big, good for teens, near the sea and other attractions. Which are the best small towns, etc
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    Dell Error code 2000-0141 - Hard Drive Not Found

    Can anyone help? I can't boot my lads Dell Laptop Run F12 Diagnostics at get this Dell Error code 2000-0141 Is the Hard Drive dead or some other kind of error.
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    What is the best Indian Restaurant in Manchester

    I fancy a good curry, any suggestions?
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    Vista windows system32 boot winload.exe

    I have no installation disk. Laptop bought second hand for one of my kids Any ideas how I fix the problem Cheers
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    Want to dress modern British

    I have just hit 45 and want to start dressing differently. I like seeing Jack Dee, Jimmy Carr etc, they dress smartly but not over formally. If any of you out there like to wear suits, trousers, shirts, ties etc please let me know where you buy your clothes from. I don't want to spend hundreds...
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    How would we play against Barca?

    I was watching the game last night and wondered how we would play against Barca. Our formation and tactics. 433 or 451 My guess 451 with Balo up front. Sliva, Yaya, Milner, Barry, Nasri
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