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    Venus Manchester Club

    Closed it's doors for good today. A real shame for those who were regulars. A great vibe that had stood the test of time for many years. If you loved your house, there was no better place to roll on down to at 3AM. Top crowd for all ages.
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    Weight Loss Pills/Fat Burners

    Has anybody had any experience of these and there's effects/benefits? There seem to be an awful lot of options on the internet claiming to be the best 'fat burners'. Can anyone recommend a helpful brand that isn't going to send you up the wall but just assist with diet/exercise routine to...
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    I'm a Belieber

    I'm a 23 year old lad interested in women who for years couldn't stand the man. I've just listened to his new song 3 times on the trot in the car and bobbed my head continuously like the fucking Churchill dog. The same happened with One Direction. Should I seek help??
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    Barcelona ticket & travel available

    Thought i'd make its own thread as the Barca thread seems to be people looking purely for tickets only. Im am currently booked on Spikes 2 day trip staying in the 4* hotel (£425) - Balance has been paid in full. I have a match ticket purchased for face value (£77) Unfortunately commitments...
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    Pubs/bars in New York showing Saturday's game??

    Exactly what the title says, will be over there on holiday and looking for somewhere to catch the match. Any blues on here been/living in the city have any suggestions? Cheers
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    Pubs showing the game today around irlam/eccles??

    Working all day but plan to sneak away to watch the game at 3! Does anyone have an idea of boozers round this way showing the game! Unfamiliar territory for me this neck of the woods! Cheers blues
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    Ladies Day - Aintree

    going down this friday with a load of lads. its fair to say im clueless when it comes to knowledge on horses and jockeys.. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as i know there a few hot fella's who post on here who make a few bob and usually come up trumps!!
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    Stopped Smoking

    Im 2 days in and on the patches and its murder. trying to keep positive and strong minded but the true test will be when i go out for a few sherbets. any other fellow quitters?
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    Uncontacted Tribes

    Are there still tribes out there that have never come across other human beings before? Are they completely unaware of what and how the modern world works. Imagine it, you are pratically an alien inhabitant of earth. This website suggest there are still tribes out there yet to be contacted...
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    Top 4 Spot or Europa/Fa Cup Trophy?

    Simple this stage of the season what you rather have come the end. I'm craving a the champions league the holy grail though? My opinion is split.
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    Woonders of the stoner system spoof video

    loved the original solar system series but my mate has just sent me this spoof video and its got me in stitches!
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    Ray Parlour SSN

    The most sense I have heard out of a ex pro/pundit for some time. Top class gent with an opinion that i couldn't fault. It's anyone's tonight, come on you blues!
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    Creamfields 2010

    Forget Leeds fest, full off underage emo kids pissed out of there heads. Creamfields is a proper festival....with a proper line up for the people who appreciate that scene.
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    Creamfields 2010

    Any of you blues plan on going? What a line up as per, best festival on the british scene bar glasto just for the fact its glasto! Going to be epic!
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    Is anyone really that bothered?

    Having Cappello a guy I know fuck all about, a passionless Italian pretend general. Pearce, a cock up waiting to happen. The guy has a track record of fucking up. Beckham... I struggle to put it into words how much this guy infuriated me and the wank fest that surrounds him. The sooner he...
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    Facebook Comedy Gold

    A absolute gem of a status update hahaha! 'after watching the well made but uncomfortable veiwing of bbc's panorama programme last night ive decided not to renew next season,anything that can help remove those parasites from MUFC be a good thing and not renewing does make a difference! And i...
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    Check this guy out...unreal!

    Now that is talent.......i love jungle dub. Listen to it all its genius!
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    Rooney Bid

    Put a feeler out there city. I would love to see the mass panic erupt over there, the swamp would go into meltdown. I think glazers would be tempted!
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    3rd Time lucky!

    Just passed driving test..............very happy man over here! Carlos the blue polo coming to a town near you...................
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    Any gardeners/labourers out there who need a hand?

    Right, before I set of to Univesity in september i need to find some work. Prepared to work full time from now until mid september. I live in the south manchester area around stockport. I fancy doing something active, physical, and outdoor. If there is any bluemooners who may need a hand or...
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