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    Argument over seat on train

    Don't know if people seen this. Before we become aware the train has been declassified due to disruption who is in the right? I think they both muppets to honest but interested in people's thoughts as neither knew until it was said it had been declassified
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    Problem with tenants

    Hi all. Last year I went travelling and as I'm not the richest man on earth I had to rent my house out to pay the mortgage. 1 year fixed rolled in to a short term tenancy agreement in April. We served notice (section 21) and gave her 11 weeks rather than 2 months. Anyway Wednesday she refused...
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    Flores Sacked

    Been sacked for keeping Watford up this season in line with what the club wanted
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    PV or Solar panals!

    This is aimed at people who have posted in here beforeabout solar energy. I am an electrician and have been thinking about moving into the renewable energy side as a mate who is a plumber has started ground heated systems and heating good response, we thought as a team could become a lucrative...
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    Lets talk British

    With boyata, richards, guidetti, sinclair seemingly Milner all leaving the club are being quite obviously pushed into the market for homegrown players. Sterling is reality, pogba is dreamworld but in reality who else could we bring it that would fight for a starting place Not forgetting the fact...
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    Things we wont say about Race that are true!!

    On at 9 on channel 4. I reckon this might stoke some controversy by the time its finished which is probably the point. I will be watching with my skin head and can of fosters
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    Its quiet No 201897435
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    Managers wags (no not pictures)

    I always imagine how many times the managers wives and daughters (of legal age of course) have been holed by the team
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    Getting drunk/drinking

    Im not sure if this would count as a drinking problem because I probably drink about once a week now but I cannot just have one drink, I fail to see the point so when I drink I get absolutely smashed be that at home or out, less when out as it costs too much I actually enjoy the taste of alcohol...
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    How big an impact do you think they have had on the season? Personally I think a very big part as we have lost important players lots of times this season Negredo for example was on fire but since the injury has made Saldado look good (not his fault) Aguero was killing teams single handidly...
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    Resignation Letter

    What the hell are you supposed to write in these things?
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    Budget 2014

    All I know is we will be getting a new pound coin I have always wondered why we need a day to announce the budget for the country, shouldn't it be a more flexible sort of system rather than waiting a year to fix something. Thats what I would of thought anyway Any sweepstakes for what will be...
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    Female Celebs Who (may) Smell

    I will start with Britney Spears Back in the day when she looked like this I would of munched on her box for hours and never complained Now she looks like this And well she just looks smelly Oh and Fearne cotton looks like she needs a good wash as well Edit: Nobody gives a flying fuck what...
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    Yesterday I had my first interview for a job in 5yrs. Fantastic opportunity I get to miss 2 rungs on the ladder to get the position and fast tracked blah blah blah anyway. I go there cool as a cucumber, confident I know my work inside out, no worries. First question my mind goes "fuck you, Im...
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    Famous/Rich people you dont like because you're not

    Disguise it as a different reason though like they have squinty eyes or acted in a particular way you didn't like John Travolta for me, fucking wanker with his planes and all his money
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    LFB Closures

    So yesterday a few stations were closed forever in London. Its part of a drive to save £28 million and everyone is assured safety wont be compromised. Obvious crap from politicians, strangely the fire stations closed will be worth a fortune when sold off to property developers!! Now I have...
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    Plumber Help!!! TRV's

    Hi, in a room I have a radiator where the TRV has broken off and because of this is always on seriously hot. Can I adjust the temp using pliers on the pin or do I have to fit a new TRV (well pay someone to). I have no idea but I cant sleep in my room at the moment
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    Advent Calendars

    Right im 28 and I just bought my advent calendar for next months coming festivities of the birth of some bloke in the middle east who most probably wasn't born in the month of December. Anyway I digress does anyone else still by an advent calendar even though childhood is now but a distant memory?
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    Im guessing he wont get much love on here due to him being a southern cockney **** but I think he is funny
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