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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Agreed. I also think that while we have suffered some on the pitch defeats to Liverpool.... Nothing they have done to us has cut to the bone like some of the rags wins against us. Just off the top of my head Scholes last minute winner Rooney shin Rooney in the league Cup semi Owen in the 4-3...
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    How much did you age today?

    It was dead at 0-2!!! Funeral pyre was being prepped and I was ready to spend summer on Orkney. Ridiculous that we came back
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    Everton Thread - 2021/22

    Always the eventual outcome of the FFP rules. As seen in the lower leagues recently. Let clubs run their own affairs.
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    Nedum’s book…

    I listened to this the other day. Great interview and I have now ordered the book. Normally I'm not too interested in what goes on behind the scenes tbh but I thought his insights were great and I've not read an Autobiography before either so looking forward to it.
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    Do Villa fans want Jack to win the PL?

    Different because Shaun WP didn't actually want to leave, but we needed the money. So much easier for City fans to make peace with that tbh
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    EFL Championship Thread 2021/22

    Ha yes. This was the inspiration I'm sure, but I do think Forest's is actually more garish, somehow... I like a bad kit tbh. Need to get this season's City third kit which is hopefully cheaper now
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    EFL Championship Thread 2021/22

    Forest playing in surely one of the all time worst football kits...
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    A song for Erling...

    He scores when he wants He scores when he wants Erling the viking He scores when he wants Hopefully quite a lot...
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Joins on 1st July

    No* Edit: Yes
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    A song for Erling...

    An E, an R, an L An I, an N, a G He's coming back to Manchester, To play for Man City, The big Norwegian striker, That no one can deny, Erling is his name!
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Only reason Norway have been vocal is because they are in fact an oil state and actually have the largest oil and gas based sovereign wealth fund and are also energy independent.
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    Racist plane banner at game today

    I had actually completely forgotten about that. Without social media I would have never thought about it again I guess. My mind was occupied by the footy I suppose. Weird though, wonder who it was. Surely no one related to either club.
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    City & FFP | 2020/21 Accounts released | Revenues of £569.8m, £2.4m profit (p 2395)

    What does a club do with the spare 30% anyway?? Only so many things a club can spend money on besides players. Obviously some owners want that extra cash in their back pocket guaranteed. Like the US systems where player earnings are capped as a percentage of income.
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    Chelsea Thread - 2021/22

    He has written off the loans. How does this work for FFP?? Could another club not do the same. Or are the loan repayments going to the Charity Fund?
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    Man City Thunderbastards

    From 1.30
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    Top division winners

    Looking at some of those clubs records, they had previously been around the trophy winning / runners up places anyway. I didn't realise it was Leicester's first either. Ipswich, Leeds and Chelsea are the ones without a significant record prior to the first win which was probably "easier" in...
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    Premier League Games 18/19 Dec

    It's disappointing for a game to be called off but I understand having the vaccine doesn't make you Covid immune, so for me it doesn't matter who does or doesn't have it. Footballer uptake is on par for their age group as well. You can still get Covid and we can now see that a lot of people are...
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    F1 Season 2021

    To be honest I would have much preferred Max to punt Lewis than this. At least then it is between the racers. I think the FIA / F1 owners wanted a racing finish and then panicked and now we have a farce instead. Reminds me of the Golden Goal they had in football for a while. It seems like a...
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    F1 Season 2021

    FIA just gave it to Red Bull Mercedes should have just had Bottas crash in the middle of the track to extend the safety car
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    Bundesliga Thread - 2021/22

    You will be fine pal. In September Me and the Mrs drove from Manchester to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bayern in our 2007 Ford Fiesta. Got it up to 95mph ha. There are a few cars that are really going for it but I think it's much better than driving on UK motorways Didn't manage to get to any...
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