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    Sporting CP (A) - CL Last 16 - Tue 15th Feb, 20:00 - Pre-Match Thread

    Anyone know where blues are drinking in Lisbon today
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    Champions League Last 16 Draw | City v Sporting Clube de Portugal

    Flights from Gatwick -£55 Parking - £25 Tickets £30 Petrol £20 Total - £130 Accommodation TBC for 1 night Wont be far off lol
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    Official Trip - CL - Sporting Lisbon Away - Overnight Stay - £429 (excluding match ticket) - Club Gauging Interest

    WOW that's expensive, we have flights already booked, taken a chance i know, but only £50 return, flying out on the day and returning the next day
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    What city prezzies did you all get?

    A set of Man City wooden coasters from my son
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22 | Print at Home Tickets

    LOL shortly, that's what they have been saying that for the past few days, knowing City i will get my PAH tickets on Monday
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    Looking for some help here, I renewed my season card on the phone as the online system was not accepting my sort code, a direct debit was set up, but mistakes were made and the full amount of £545 was taken as well as a direct debit being set up. I was promised this would be returned shortly...
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    I am totally and utterly f**Ked off with City, after spending 3 hours on the phone last week as my sort coded was not recognized, finally got through and instead of processing 10 payment of £54 they took £548 in one go, another 3 hours on the phone Friday to be told they will refund it, and...
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    Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets | 2022 Final (pg 1033)

    I am probably in the minority here but f**k UEFA, they have a great opportunity to prove that the game is about the fans and hold it at Wembley, where more fans can attend that was originally thought, but NO they will not allow that, unless they can get exemption from quarantine, thereby making...
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    This is torture, its like Derby day, but it last for 3 days and you won't know the result for a month or so
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    Scariest away day following City

    In the late 80s i had joined the army and had returned from basic training, my mate phoned our house (no mobiles in them days lol) and said he had a spare ticket for the derby at old Trafford do i fancy it. In my haste i quickly agreed to meet him outside the Man U supports shop, got there and...
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    QPR Vs City Pre Match Discussion Thread

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> many thanks
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    QPR Vs City Pre Match Discussion Thread

    Noticed that the game is not on Sky any one know a good streaming site to watch it from
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    Ajax away pi@@ up plans ?

    Gatwick 0900 wed morning Am a happy bunny now as have managed to get tickets :-)
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    Goals you've missed by leaving early/late/going to the bog?

    Took my two lads to wembley for the charity shield V the Scum First goal youngest lad wanted the toilet, missed Lescott goal Second goal second lad wanted the toilet. missed Dzekos goal waited years to take the lads to wembley to see City and they each saw a city goal and did the pozman, i...
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    What a lowlife scumbag

    Rangers are not a big club anymore, there are struggling in the scottish 3rd Div and cant even beat Stirling Albion for f**k sake never mind Barcelona, they are having tronble putting a team out and the sooner that they realise this the better As for the European League, this will happen, the...
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    Yaya Toure - ACON

    Out of the top four team it pains me to say this, but the Scum will come out of this the best. Arsenal, Chelsea and ourselves could all lose key players over the duration of the tournament, this could give them the edge in what will no doubt be a tight title chase
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    So, who else is just going to go over to Ajax then?

    dont bother going, i will take ticket off your hands
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    Ajax away ticket request

    I have 2 plane tickets and a hotel room booked if anyone is instreted lol
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    Ajax away sold out. {merged}

    Re: Ajax AWAY ticket details. SOLD OUT. {merged} What a rip off, just found 2 tickets from "livefootball" for the Ajax game £142 each and then £52 service charge and tax each total cost £395 Is it any wonder that people as pi**ed off
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    Ajax away sold out. {merged}

    Re: Ajax AWAY ticket details. SOLD OUT. {merged} I suspect we'll never find out the real reasons maybe it was just high demand maybe it was a screw up who knows ? But its certainly a wake up call for booking flights/hotels in future on the assumption that you will be able to get a ticket...
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