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    Copa Del Rey Nice article about him here.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Age Rethink Eat Gherkin Karen Eight Hairnet Keg Keith Range King Reheat
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    The FTSE

    Tricky 17. I was in Avacta and made sone money, but missed moat of the big rise. I put the gains in Synairgen on AIM. It is well worth a look. Tjey have 1 trial reading out shortly and 2 ongoing. It isn't going to stay at this level for much longer.
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    The FTSE

    Synairgen have a drug called SNG001. Was originally developed to treat viral pneumonia in COPD sufferers. Has been repurposed as a covid play. Excellent results in Phase 2 hoslital trial. They are crunching the numbers from a Phase 2 home trial currently. They are running their own Phase 3...
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    Everton (A) Post Match Thread

    Re Pep managing poorer teams. His first managerial role was managing Barca B in Spain's 4th tier. He won the league and they were promoted through the playoffs to the 3rd tier.
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    Diego Costa
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    United thread 2019/20

    There's an article in the star about it.
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    United thread 2019/20

    The song the filth are singing about Ed 3planks is:- He's gonna die “How we kill him I don’t know. “Chop him up from head to toe. “All I know is Woodward’s gonna die.
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    Download Full Game | City QPR (13/05/12) SD/HQ/HD

    Has anybody got the radio commentary?
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    United thread 2018/19

    Laugh out loud.
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    United thread 2018/19

    Not relevant? Sharing the same City with the richest football club in the world who have the most insufferable gloatig bullying fan base in the world? And that isn't relevant?
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    United thread 2018/19

    Mid table filth is a no brainer - have them take points off title rivals by all means. The real question is which of these scenarios you favour:- Champs City Runners up Liv/Chel 17th Filth. Or Champs Liv/Chel Runners up City 18th Filth Being relegated would screw them for 10 to 20years...
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    MOTD 2018/19

    Shearer is saying "Bernard O'Silva".
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    Save Our Peg

    I think that if Bournemouth lose 1 nil they will have exactly the same record as the filth and should be above them alphabetically. Any 1 goal loss higher than 1 nil and they should be above them on goals scored. If they lose by 2 goals or more then they go below the filth. I think that's right...
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    Premier League Games 29/30 Sept/1st Oct

    He's deciding whether he thinks he's good enough to get capped for England and win nothing or he should stick with lots of Irish caps and winning nothing.
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    United thread 2018/19

    I think pogbad is on a 5yr contract from Aug 2016. That means he's just entered his 3rd year. By this summer he'll have 2 years left. The filth really have to decide whether to start negotiating a new contract or sell him at the end of this season.
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    United thread 2018/19

    Players were crying when he left inter.
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    United thread 2018/19

    Really poor numbers those. They've got £90m more revenue than us but the £505m debt from 2005 has only reduced to £487m and is costing them £24m a year to service. I read that the glazers take something like £30m a year out. That only leaves the £36m more revenue a year than us - that's like a...
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