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    Media persecution of Raheem Sterling

    MCFC as an organisation must make a statement regarding this latest assassination from The Sun. I'm beyond words. They should banned from Etihad at the bare minimum. 99% of people are in total agreement that this has become nothing short of absurd and disgusting.
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    Liverpool (h) CL QF pre-match thread

    Sounds like quite a few scousers got tickets in the home end.
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    Venus Manchester Club

    Couldn't have put it better myself. Me and my group (circa 15 of us of men/women) have been in what feels like mourning the last week. A real shitter to be honest, the place has been the catalyst for many friendships and relationships. It laid the foundations of our love for all things House...
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    Venus Manchester Club

    It used be to called Club V and was off Deansgate. It then became Venus and was located on Blackfriars Street where the bus stop is opposite the multi storey. Walking out at 6AM when it was bright on to Deansgate was quite something
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    Venus Manchester Club

    Closed it's doors for good today. A real shame for those who were regulars. A great vibe that had stood the test of time for many years. If you loved your house, there was no better place to roll on down to at 3AM. Top crowd for all ages.
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    Gabriel Jesus return from injury

    Thank god it’s not an ACL. I did fear the worst. I imagine they have also breathed a big sigh of relief over in Brazil. Time to move for Alexis. We need his work rate in the league, but moreso Champs League. Get well soon Gabby
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    Manchester Utd (A) Pre Match Thread

    Looking at that weather forecast 4-8 inches of snow, there's a very real chance they could call the game off..
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    Pep/Redmond incident - No Further Action.

    Imagine the scenes. Pep receives touchline ban v Rags and we still go and dismantle whilst he's sat amongst the vermin in the stand. Stuff of dreams.
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    "Reports of an Incident" at Oxford Circus Tube Station

    Jesus my heart just skipped a beat
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    The works Christmas doo thread.

    A meal at Gino di Campo restaurant in town followed by a Karaoke booth at Tiger Tiger. Thank fuck I have an all day wedding the day after and can slip off after desert.
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    Completely agree. Can someone please advise me of the appropriate email at MCFC to log such complaints. I will also look to make our City Journalists (Sam Lee/Mullock) aware of these comments. Maybe they can push something. They were a complete disgrace.
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    This is a very serious point you raise and something our Club could potentially take further. I've re-watched his rant this morning after reading your comments and there is quite clearly racist undertones. Not only that, but he is spouting false information. 'If they want a player they just go...
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    Alan Sugar has just been ranting about City on BBC Premier League Preview show. Some of the worst bitterness I’ve seen for some time. It really had it all from Chequebook to Oil Money to Owners not interested. Like a throwback to 2009/10. Twat
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    La Liga want Man City investigation

    Something is going on here, I'm convinced we are placing ourselves in a strong position with Messi to come next summer. God I can't wait for the shit storm if it actually happened. The look on the face of this fat toad will be sensational
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    Carabao Cup 5th Round Draw

    what a fucking shambles of a competition this is haha
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    Carabao Cup 5th Round Draw

    Why the fuck is Phil Tuffnell doing the draw? Trippy competition this one fellas
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    Kdb missed training ?

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    Benjamin Mendy (Back In Training)

    This wait for an update is torture. Praying for positive news!
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    Benjamin Mendy (Back In Training)

    HAHAHAHAHA What a man. Duncan Castles BE SEEING YOU
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