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    Things you might have missed?

    I didn't realise until much later that at no point during the games were Liverpool top of the league
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    Apology to the club

    It wasn't me :)
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    Erling Haaland

    Its interesting to see how good Jadon Sancho was before packing in football to join United
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    Premier League Games 28/30 April & 1/2 May

    Looks like it's thursday nights in Kazakhstan for our hapless neighbours. Enjoy the food.
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    Premier League Games 28/30 April & 1/2 May

    If West Ham lose or draw this then they cant get top 4 Well, if they draw they could, only with a big swing in goal difference
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    Premier League Games 28/30 April & 1/2 May

    Reece James is a really good player but he's been off today
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    Leeds United (A) | Post Match Thread

    Great match that. Well played every single City player. We know how to close out the season
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    Real Madrid (H) | Post Match Thread

    Just got home. Bloody hell what a game! If that's the champions league give me more. Well played lads, we've got this
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    Real Madrid (H) - Tue 26th April, 20:00 (BST) | Pre-Match Thread | Team news (pg 67)

    Coming over on my motorbike tonight. Looks like great weather for it and also a great night for beating Los Blancos. Come on City!
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    You know how they've had the Chosen one, and the Special one and the Nice one and all the other ones, is this new fellow the Tenth one?
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    Carbonated water machine

    I've had a Sodastream for 3 years. Fill with tap water, press the button, and you have fizzy water. No faff. Advantages are: 1. Cheaper than buying bottles at the supermarket 2. You don't have to lug heavy bottles home 3. No recycling 4. Tastes nicer than plain tap water, and I should know as I...
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    Premier League Games 23/24/25 April '22

    Thats that then
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    Premier League Games 23/24/25 April '22

    Can we just copy and paste that half please?
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    Premier League Games 23/24/25 April '22

    Spot on from Everton. Keep it up
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    Premier League Games 23/24/25 April '22

    Yes Liverpool will win but I'd still rather be in our position than their's
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    Brighton (H) | Post Match Thread

    I thought Debruyne was unbelievable tonight. He dragged the team to that win.
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    Premier League (midweek games) 19/20/21 April '22

    Imagine being Ragnick and having to deliver the half time talk. "Er, any ideas.... anyone?"
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    Premier League (midweek games) 19/20/21 April '22

    Don't despair, Rashford is still on
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    FA Cup Semi Final Game 17th April, Chelsea v Palace

    What''s this "player of the match"? Are you not allowed to say man any more?
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