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    Strangest Thing You Do?

    Apart from spending xxx hours on an Internet forum, what's the one thing you regularly do that you would consider strange /abnormal, something you haven't /wouldn't disclose to a work colleague or even your loved ones? Could be something very common, such as picking your nose but you are self...
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    We want more viewers, we want to get famous.

    Is the quote from a Girl who literally shot her boyfriend whilst creating content on their YouTube channel. Teenager charged with manslaughter after failed YouTube stunt A 19-year-old from Norman County, Minnesota, has been charged with manslaughter after accidentally shooting her boyfriend...
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    Was it ever English?

    I have always referred to the English Premier League as exactly that when it formed after the English Division One... THE English Premier League. However I've only just noticed the Twitter account for this league handle is @premierleague And the domain name is...
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    Work: What Did You Wanted To Be, and What Did You Become?

    Following on from @Taxi topic on employment, what did you want to genuinely do when you were contemplating a career, maybe in your teens/whilst studying etc. And what did you eventually become? If both are the same, then cool :) Wanted To Be:_____ Became:______ Wanted To Be: Web...
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    The G.O.A.T Players on Ranker

    Quite a very popular website which ranks anything and everything. One being the Best Manchester City players of all time. I couldn't resist from commenting on this, as well, look at the list for yourself...
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    Non-Halal Indian Restaurants

    Know of any decent Sikh/Hindu Indian restaurants around Greater Manchester? No preference on my part, I'll eat at most places however a friend of ours is Hindu and she's coming up soon, so would like to take them out somewhere. Most Indians around my way are Halal /Muslim.
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    Ever felt lonely as an adult male? I have no family. My Brother has his own life, as does my Mother. I lost my job a few weeks back, my love of my life ended it with me a few months ago. I'm just sat here in my home, very isolated with nobody to turn to. Any experience with this Blues...
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    Different Place, Different Club

    Ok, as many fellow Blues support City due to some kind of connection with the Clubs location, and Family living in the area... (will probably change as we become more of a TV Team) If you had to choose a Different Place to live in and support the nearby Club - Who would you choose right now...
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    Transport idea - yay or nay?

    The club introduce a Car-bus Pooling online system that would show designated points on a Google Map, where transport is setting off to the match from. So rather than you driving to the match in a car with 5 seats only having one person in it, one could offer a lift on this online portal...
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    Plant Based Foods

    I've been looking into coming off Meats (including Fish) for awhile now, having felt dependent on Fish due to the regular exercising but having spoken with people who also lifted, looked in shape and didn't consume meat... I've decided to go shopping for Beans and Greens. Recommend any...
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    Best Movies For The Female Species

    Any recommendations for Films that the Mrs will also Enjoy? I'm talking about the Movies that us Blokes won't be bored by either. The other half has hardly ever seen any decent classics, always watching Disney Crap and RomComs so I'm spoilt for choice In what to choose. My choice: Erin...
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    Fancy dress at Etihad

    Would Showsec moan about this, if say my face was covered? Even though I'd be carrying my id which matches my seasoncard. I've seen people hiding their identity before and been allowed in, also seen security staff hiding their identity but this has been on religious grounds. Don't want to...
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    Hitting The Bar record?

    I'm just wondering, if any Statto out there knows what the actual record is for hitting the Bar and if Kevin has beaten the likes of George Best and Gazza to this record? But Shirley, Alan Brazil can't be beaten? I mean he's still hitting the bar now.
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    PED's in Football

    So much is consistently discussed on football forums all over the Internet such as Transfer rumours, Player performances and Refereeing decisions yet one issue that, for me, is somewhat conveniently overlooked not just by the fans but also by the sports governing bodies and that is Performance...
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    Note: Official Ticket Exchange

    I've just been on the phone to City to cancel the renewal for next season and they have told me that I'm not eligible for the credit I have gained from selling my seat twice this season. So the £137 "credit" I apparently have is only eligible if I renewed. This club is pathetic and when you...
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    Coach to Wembley from Bury

    3x places left now. Coach is near enough full so if you need a seat phone Pete (Travel Secretary of Bury Blues) Number is 07772 288124
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    Blue Run

    Couldn't find a thread on this. Any fellow Bluemooners doing this run on Sunday 26th March? It's nothing serious, 5km I believe. I haven't managed to raise any donations for this event (no longer on Fakebook to pester people lol) But I'm sure many Blues have raised a lot of money which...
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    Gender Choices

    I've just been walking through town to get my scarecut and I've seen a "Boy" , around 6yrs of age... Running around wearing a Disney Princess dress. Now I'm all for freedom of choice but surely somewhere the parents of these kids are having an influence on their child's decision making and...
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    Another team in Manchester?

    Is there another club in Manchester or have I been dreaming all this time? MUEN..... Too right!!
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    Footy Apps

    Which application do you regularly use/prefer on your phone for Football? Used Goal. Com for awhile but it's so awash with advertising I binned it. Been using this app called FotMob for this season and its superb. Can't fault it so far. Been in stadiums and as soon as we have scored, I've...
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