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    DMA's gig last saturday

    Don't know if anyone went, thought it was one of the best gigs i've been to.
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    New house and extension

    I bought a new build house 6 years ago, the housebuilder sold the ground rent on to another extortionate outfit. I believe i have to pay them to allow me to build an extension. If i just build it anyway what do you think the ramifications could be ?
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    Chorlton car death

    Killer gets life, slightly different to yesterdays !! both should get life
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    Sean Hughes

    just heard that the comedian Sean Hughes has died, young age to go only 51. Used to find him quite funny. Although not heard a lot about him for a while
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    count them all out, and count them all back

    Meaning the international players, are they all back safely and ready for weekend
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    People cheering when Bravo caught the ball

    We dont need idiots like that supporting our club, makes us no better than the rags with Fellaini !!
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    60 days in jail - channel 4

    Has anybody been watching it on channel 4 thursdays ? why would you volunteer to do something like that ?. The teacher that is acting like a cock will certainly be getting bummed or a slap
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    Phoning ticket office

    why do we have to listen to Robbie Williams info first ? why not have an option for that !!!
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    Watch Breitling or Omega

    thinking of treating myself before Christmas, any views between the 2 watches ?
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    City centre pubs to watch the boxing

    other than the printworks, does anyone know decent pubs to watch the boxing tomorrow ?
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    Pampered players

    I'm getting sick of how pampered footballers are these days. Our players have everything done for them, from the slightest little detail and this is all for them to have nothing to put them off performing at their optimum for 90minutes. Well these pampered lot that a treated like gods by the...
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    No team in 4 comps in Feb

    this may have been posted already I believe no team has ever been fighting on 4 fronts in February.. lets hope we can keep it going till March !! very very important 5 weeks coming up now and we will see how strong the squad is. Vinny, Aleks and Eliaquim due back shortly could be just what...
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    playing No10 no7 etc

    when did all this bollocks start and saying CDM etc. what happened to left wing, right wing etc does my head in, must be the FIFA generation
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    Overseas Marketing

    I guess the club have been working hard over the summer with this, looking at the amount of new faces to the ground from all parts of the world. If it helps fill the ground and increase our revenue then long may it continue. Although i dont want to turn into something we have slated the rags...
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    iphone music app

    The updated music app is absolutely garbage, i still dont know how to just play all my tunes. Seems like you have to choose each song individually. Not user friendly !!!
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    Got to say i feel sorry for the UK muslims that take part, our days are so long it cant be good for them. Nice and easy for the muslims in the middle east as the days are much shorter.
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    Sky Sports

    Now they've lost the champions league do you think we'll get a reduction in our subscriptions ?? i very much doubt it. BT have some good on their channel now and but cant be arsed paying anymore
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    In the market for a new watch, dont know if i can justify going as high as an Omega, but like Tag's and anyone know if Tissot are any good ? they seem pretty reasonably priced and look well made
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    New company car

    got my list through for my new car Mercedes c220 bluetec Jaguar XE Prestige BMW 320 executive Got a BMW at the moment but fancy a change, Jaguar looks like though.. anyone know about cars as i'm clueless ?
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    Gate receipts last night

    Does anyone know from last night as yet ? i guess that could well be City's highest grossing of all time, all of the hospitality was full and expensive tickets ?
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