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    The, Why has this topic never had a thread, thread.

    Quick...Email Peter Tatchell and get him to add chillisexual to the ever growing list...
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    The, Why has this topic never had a thread, thread.

    Did Bees come from A's? ...And if so, will they all die out when they eventually evolve into Zeds? And at what point in their evolution will they get over themselves about the honey trick and move on to more refined preserves like say, kumquat curd with a hint of Kaffir lime leaf? ...Or they...
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    The, Why has this topic never had a thread, thread.

    Why isn't it called a spinner? It spins not spans...Or more accurately, turns, so why isn't it called a turner? Note to toolmakers- Leave the naming of things to other people.
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    Air rifle shooting Uk

    Happy memories no doubt. I grew up with four older brothers and air rifles were commonplace...I gave away my Gat gun to my nephew not long back...Remember them?
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    Air rifle shooting Uk

    Gone are the days when I could sling my old Relum in the leg of an old pair of jeans and wander off round the woods in Didsbury golf club for a plink with my trusty sidekick, Spot, my Jack Russell. Nowadays I have to make do with a Daisy BB gun, Weirach pistol for rats in the back garden, and...
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    Anzac Day

    My great grandfather was blown to bits in the Dardanelles. His supposed grave is in Thessalonia. RIP Alfred Bramhall. Funnily enough, he was a rail worker.
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    Home Brew

    Here's a tip that took me years to work out..How to get rid of that home brewy flavour when using a beer kit. Depending where you live and your local water supply, boil all the water first. Comes out tasting like a proper beer without "that" taste. Also, if using a cheap kit, cut down the water...
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    Identity Politics

    Only when you lose the will to stop putting one sheet of bog roll down the pan to see if you can shred it to bits before you finish peeing...I'll consider myself dead the day I stop doing that...
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    Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars

    I'm just glad I'm not sat in a pub listening to it...
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    Rubik's Cube

    I preferred tits.
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    Taylor Hawkins RIP

    Sad news...RIP Taylor
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    What would you uninvent?

    Mobile phones. Gone are the days when you can enjoy a quiet beer without someone shoving one in your face to show you something you have absolutely no interest in... Some examples of the notable delights I can't un-see... Two woman and a cup, whatever it's called... Just fuck off with it you...
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    Tight arsed people you know (Or could be yourself)

    Just imagine how much you could save when they invent flasks? ;O)
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    People who are really good at doing cartwheels....Bastards...
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    I sliced my finger on a pack of bacon getting something from the freezer the other week...Nasty...
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    Jobs you'd love to do....but can't

    Write about what you know is the old mantra.
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    Bands or artists from where you live or were born

    My brother used to run the place with the astroturf pitches there. As for the band, someone once told me that. Turns out two are from Salford, the rest are from all over the NW.
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    Death (not family/friends) impacted on you

    Fick irf..
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    Death (not family/friends) impacted on you

    Been shocked and saddened at a few, but totally gutted at others.... Marc Bolan John Bonham Keith moon Phil Lynott Freddie Mercury Stuart Adamson Gary Moore Rik Mayall Neil Peart.
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    Bands or artists from where you live or were born

    Can't remember to be honest, I think you are right.
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