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    Car for everton

    anyone in North manchester got room in car for Sunday? Many thanks
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    Help needed

    Hi guys, need to start saving up money for a Euro 2016, I work for Showsec at City cup games (season ticket holder so won't work league games) , want to work elsewhere in midweek when no clash in the week, do any of you guys/girls work for any of the local teams and hook me up with a contact for...
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    West Brom at home - Deja Vu?

    Can we do it? im wavering but after giving up on Saturday Chelsea gave me a glimmer of hope, i still thought at 8 points behind in 2012 we could do it but we had advantage of still having United to play at home, 2014 my hope was all on the visit of Chelsea to Anfield, this year my (slim ) hope...
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    Vorderman back on the market

    Milf lovers , great news Carol is available again <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... nd-4457186</a>
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    Sheff Wed and Roma

    Hi guys , got to work both these games, my tickets on my Season ticket are going , £50 can meet at Chelsea game today, PM or on Twitter @njmcfc1894.
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    Anyone been Euro's/world cup recently?

    My Bolton supporting mate been banging on for while about going Euro 2016 in France , anyone here done trips recently? I'm not England fan so just want to go over for 7-10 days and take in few games, any idea how much cost this will be? Any advice as well?
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    Favorite World cup Game (Entertainment not occassion)

    Im 36 years old so my first world cup i remember watching was 1986 Mexico, had some cracking games France 1 Brazil 1, Argentina 2 England 1 and of course the final Argentina 3 Germany 2, favorite World cup as a whole was Germany 2006, in this as this thread is about games ive got 2 games that...
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    Alternative MCFC Hall Of Fame

    This could fall flat on its arse but was having twitter debate about David Makin and "that" phone call (link anyone?) Got me thinking about a hall of fame without players and managers, best Chairman, owners, physio's, Groundstaff, fans etc Dave Makin/Wardle Helen with the bell Pete the badge...
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    Cardiff Home Jan 18th - all in here

    Hi guys , only single tickets left now, i need a junior ticket in Family stand, i can trade adult ticket for my S/T in 118, pm or reply in here, thanks.
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    Fitness help?

    Hi guys any guys who well up on fitness programmes? Bit overweight and while recovering from xmas plus West ham and Barca i cant afford to join gym till February so im after some decent advice to get me started before joining the gym please.
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    Park Tv, Any good?

    My mate uses this just for vouchers for xmas,always late with everything for xmas so setting up for next year, anyone used it for food,hampers etc? Experiences?
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    Liverpool/Palace season ticket available

    Cant make either game, season ticket available in 118 south stand, £30 each or £55 for both(£10 deposit as well returnable on return of card)
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    West Brom away 4th December

    I can get 2 tickets on thursday but i am after a 3rd please, someone on 8k plus who isnt going? West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City Wednesday 4th December 2013 Kick off – 8.00pm The club has received an allocation of 2,600 tickets priced as follows: £39 Adults £15 Under 17s £25 Under...
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    Non england followers World Cup 2014

    I am an Englishmen but have no time for the international team, its boring and i dont know many peple who give a shit how they do, i like international football and at Euro i usually have a soft spot for Holland probably due to watching Van Basten as a kid and World Cup usually Argentina as IMHO...
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    Sunderland away 10/11/2013 2pm (all in here)

    Me and my mate are going but after 1 more possibly 2 for this game, hoping with it being at end of away day bonanza's theyll be few spares.
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    Newcastle away, Capital One cup

    Have City released details yet? went on Newcastle website and they are charging £20-£25 for adults. Want to book time off work, also hoping to do Sunderland away.
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    Everton at home 5th October 2013 (sold out)

    Hi guys , ill start this, its just been announced that game has sold out, i'm a season ticket holder and am only after Junior ticket for my 9 year old, i can swap my seat in 118 for adult and junior plus the diference. cheers
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    Rumoured plea for good behavior - Joe Hart

    Simon Mullock off the Mirror on Twitter "Joe Hart expected to make plea for good behaviour at the derby" I get the idea but i like Joe concentrating on whats happening on the pitch. Maybe players behaving i.e Rooney and Camelface and yes i know Fowler and Barton have done same before, so not...
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    Whos been bullying Rio?

    "@rioferdy5: Don't mind banter with city fans but when there are kids about and they feel threatened then that's bang out of order, not on that" Apparently hassled out of a restaurant in Didsbury,i'd have sympathy if it was Paul Scholes or someone less mouthy than camelgob.
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    Hull at home( in here please )

    Hi guys,season ticket holder in south stand but as i have my kids at weekend i used to miss some saturday games as she didnt want to come back to city,shes back into it now,rang up for Hull ticket and move my S/ticket to family stand,rang up and family stand sold out,has anyone got a child not...
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