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    Car Insurance- Scum of the Earth

    Sorry that this may turn into a rant, but nearly 30 years of paying for full insurance coverage on a car, never having any claims or problems whatsoever and the insurance washes their hands off of you is appalling! According to this unjust practice, even if I am minding my own business...
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    Going to see the doctor

    I was wondering if anyone could spare some advice for the evening/next few days. So I am 20years old male, in pretty good health overall. However following an exam I arrived home and started feeling quite tired, with shortness of breath, some palpitations etc. I had done blood tests a year ago...
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    Kelechi Iheanacho - 2016/17 Performances

    How much potential does Nacho have??? Immense for both goals, especially the composure to lay it off for Nolito , then the dummy for the 4th (Negredo memories vs West ham iirw). Under Pep, Nacho could become one of our greatest ever players, he has so much potential hunger, drive, power...
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