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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    A friend of mine has just gone on the season card waiting list and claims he was told he was somewhere in 11000 place
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    Coach Places to Wembley

    1 seat left on a coach from Nantwich and Crewe PM if interested
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    west ham tickets.

    I have one adult for the South Stand level 2 £25 Will meet outside entrance J PM if interested TICKET HAS BEEN SOLD
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    wigan at home 17 april

    Ticket in level 2 South Stand Block 212 £20 Will meet at entrance J PM if interested
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    Liverpool home

    I have an adult ticket in level 2 South Stand Aisle 212 for the Liverpool game. Can meet outside before the game PM if interested TICKET HAS BEEN SOLD
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    Fulham Home

    South Stand level 2 seat available for the Fulham game £25 PM me if intersted SOLD
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    Fulham Ticket available

    South Stand level 2 seat available for the Fulham game £25 PM me if intersted SOLD
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    1 x stoke needed please.

    I have a spare in block 212 South Stand for the Stoke home game Can meet outside the entrance J to swipe you in as it is a season ticket £30 Please PM if you are interested
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    Banana Sticker Competition

    87th minute (please)
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    Homecoming ticket exchange

    I am sorted now, please cross me off the list Thanks for your effort in organising the exchange
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    Homecoming ticket exchange

    If anyone has 6 spare, I would be extremely gratefull Please PM me
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    Lift needed

    We have a coach going from Nantwich/Crewe with 3 sapre seats. Pick up at Royal Hotel (opposite Crewe Station) at 0810
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    drinking on the coaches

    Cursory check was made of our coach going to the Leicester away leg this season. Done in the service area we were met in.
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    Northwich Blues

    BatleyBlue Please see PM
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    Northwich Blues

    There is a coach going from Crewe Bus station. If at least another 12 adults could be found then we could change to a larger bus. That would mean finding 5 more if you have 7 interested.
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    MCFC Supporters Clubs In Wales

    There is one in Nantwich, 25 miles from Wrexham, just over the border.
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    Help Re: Seasoncards

    M35 blue I am also going round and round in the registration form having confirmed my details. Given up trying later, failing that will ring
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    city documentary in full 1981

    Can anyone help Can these videos be saved ?
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    Bluemoon SeasonCard Holders Only(Closed)

    Re: Bluemoon SeasonCard Holders Only 211 for me and my son
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