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    Home form and our inability to keep clean sheets.

    This season we've seen a big difference in our away form compared to previous years, but last season im sure we only dropped 5 points at home throughout the whole campaign, the chelsea narrow defeat and a draw with Sunderland. I dont have the definite stats in front of me but im going to guess...
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    Mangala or Demichelis?

    For this season it has to be Demi, because Mangala (barring a good debut) has been bang average so far.. in fact he actually looks like a clone of his french teammate Sakho. Clumsy on the ball, poor positioning and even losing a lot of his headers today against the other Sakho. Martin has his...
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    Fitness of our top players..

    So, after seeing us play quite poorly today are we all concerned by both the fitness and sharpness of the majority of our first eleven? Especially in terms of our defence and leader Vinny. Or do you think it is being overplayed and a long full week of training will be adequate to get us ready...
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    Well done Yaya - PFA player of the year nomination.

    On the short list with Gerrard, Suarez, Sturridge, Hazard and Lallana. Well done big man
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    So, if we don't win the Prem..

    Would you regard the season as a failure? There is a long way to go, but do you personally regard winning the league cup and gaining CL football for next season as a successful first season for Pellegrini? For me, its a no, for all that talk a month or so ago after trouncing Spurs away about...
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    We've got the best midfield in the world! (new song)

    Tried to get my song going yesterday.. did anyone hear it? Heard a few pockets of it around the concourse/toilets.. and we had it absolutely rocking at a few of the service station entrances, loads of older blues getting involved, it was class! Oh oh oh oh oh... weve got the best midfield in...
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    Youth Players..

    Do we actually have any top ones? Surely there are some youngsters coming through that are as good as the likes of Javi Garcia... We've not produced any for AGES, which is quite worrying considering the amount of money we seem to be putting into it. If you think of United (even though they let...
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    The last time we lost in the league by more than one goal?

    Sorry random question but its really bugging me. Anyone know the answer?
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    Not winning 'Big Games'.

    A very worrying trend when you look at our results so far this season. We have failed to win 6 champions league games, lost to United, draws with Chelsea, Arsenal and at Anfield. We also drew at home to Everton (currently in the top 4) and the only relatively big game we have won was Spurs at...
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    Shauny wright wright wright is a legend (City related)

    I was eating in Gilgamesh last night, a pan-Asian place in Camden and within 5 minutes Shauny was sat down on the table next to mine. Somehow we got talking as he knows a few of my footballer mates.. Anyway, I say to him 'Shauny I was dying for you to give us the ball back as you ran up the...
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    Images for t-shirts. What do you reckon?

    Feel free to use them as wallpapers or whatever.
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    Your personal emotions/actions/ whereabouts from 1-2 to 3-2?

    I've heard so many of these stories since I left the ground yesterday and they've all made me realise how enormously gigantic that last gasp winner was for this club and our fans. So at 2-1 down, where we're you? What were you thinking? How did you imagine your next few weeks to go.. Did you...
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    'Fever pitch' - what city fans deserve.

    I don't know if anyone else has just watched this wishy-washy, overly sentimental film on Film4 (or prior to tonight) but whilst it's littered with terrible acting, the sentiment felt so right going into Sunday. Focusing on the emotion of thinking they (Arsenal) had blown the title like us...
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    Tevez in town..

    Stood opposite to him in selfridges with all his family looking very smiley with his wife and daughter in his arms.. Is it strange considering weve got a game in a couple hours? Im sure he'll be there though.
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    Team for tmo (from a coach at city)

    Take it with a pinch of salt but i was out with a mate of mine tonight at a party (a coach at the club) and he told me in confidence that he'd seen the team. Might well be bullshit, but he was driving and definitely not pissed up... For what its worth. Hart Micah Komps Lescott Zaba NDJ Yaya...
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    Who's watching the final at COMS..

    Sorry if its already been covered, but i narrowly missed out on the final points wise (as a lot of us have). As I was at the Semi, I didnt really know anyone who went down to CitySquare to watch the game, so I was just wondering if anyone here went down for it? If so, was it a good atmosphere...
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    Our amazing support will never change..

    Rushed to the game from work to watch an absolute shambles of a 'performance' from City tonight.. An easy £60 down the shitter to watch one of the most spineless 90 minutes ove seen from a city side in a very long time. Everyone was useless, and the Tevez injury meant that the night probably...
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    Potential relegated players..

    Quite a few good players could be involved ina relegation.. Heres a few that could come available; which players would you be interested in. Jarvis N'zogbia Adam Young Parker Any more?? I think Jarvis and Parker would be great additions to the SQUAD and particularly in Parker's case, the...
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    When Adam Johnson is fit does he have to play?

    First of all, could someone enlighten me about Johno's fitness, is he training? When fit, I'm of the belief that AJ has to play in this side, in all probability he wont and some people put this down to him being wasteful/anonymous when he starts. The thing for me that differentiates him from...
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    Micah Richards - Reborn

    Apolagies if posted elsewhere, but I just want to make a topic of the form of Micah, who has been absolutely flawless in his past 4/5 games at right back. There was a time where I (and a lot of other blues) came to the point where we thought that his footballing brain/ability would be a huge...
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