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    Spotify app not playing through bluetooth speaker

    I've connected a bluetooth speaker to my tablet and it works when playing BBC iplayer and Youtube etc but when I launch the Spotify app it still uses the tablet speakers. Anyone had this and know how to get it to play through the bluetooth speaker, can't see a setting for it anywhere.
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    Sir Ian Holm RIP

    Another sad loss today. Was in many great films. RIP Sir Ian
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    Terrible Sporting Trophies

    I'll start, the ECL trophy ... You can watch the inaugural 2019 competition on Freeview channel 265 and see it in all its glory.
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    Bluemoon asterisk

    On the banner at the top, what's it for? And how long has it been there? Is it for getting banned from the CL?
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    Office Sports Banter Crackdown

    Not sure if this has been covered anywhere else, but .... wtf!! Would this mean we can ban discussions of soaps, sanitary towels and "talent" shows? Because, you know, I don't find those something I can contribute to and it makes me feel sad...
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    Derek Acorah RIP

    Surprised nobody else has started a thread unless I can't see it. On BBC main page. RIP Derek. At least you'll know what to expect.
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    Chrome - Bluemoon crashing

    Anyone else having problems using Chrome to browse bluemoon? Have had to switch to MS Edge because the pages just continue to become unresponsive. Dolphin browser on mobile works fine too. Started yesterday afternoon.
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    How Do You Say ...

    Listening briefly to a Manchester radio station, one of the presenters said "... an 'undred ..." and it sounded ridiculous. Do you say "A hundred" or "An 'undred" and what other pronunciations annoy you? Twenty "pence" or twenty "pee"? "Con-trov-er-sy" or "Contro-versy"?
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    It's not all depressing news A not-for-profit plumbing company in Burnley has earned worldwide attention after it refused to charge an elderly customer for work on her boiler. A receipt for the work shows a 91-year-old woman with leukaemia would not be charged "under any...
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    Dad's Army - The Lost Episodes

    Apologies for raising an old thread but I see they've remade 3 lost episodes from original scripts and will be showing them on Gold later this month. I know the movie was terrible which was sad considering the cast, so it is brave to try something similar. Hopefully the TV format will suit it...
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    World Snooker 2019

    Can't see a thread on this. Ronnie's just gone out first round to an amateur player, James Cahill.
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    Evening News Scoop!

    What a scoop for our beloved hacks ... "Woman buys dress off the internet that doesn't fit. Gets a refund no problem"
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    World Snooker 2018

    Brilliant to see an old fogey winning it. Absolute top quality snooker all week. The final was like watching Steve Davis v Cliff Thorburn at their very best.
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    John Mahoney (Martin Crane, Frasier) Undoubtedly the star of Frasier, thanks for the laughs, John. He lived in Manchester as a kid. Like Only Fools..., I can watch this show any time - still funny. RIP.
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