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    Fans back at the Etihad

    I think if (big if) there are crowds back at some point in the medium term, season ticket deferrals would be a sensible way of managing the demand for tickets as inevitably a lot of people won't want to go in the present climate (I'm among them and would probably take up such an option if...
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    City's New Kits - 2019/20

    Go on the Cityzens site you should get a discount code on there if you scroll through a bit. Just ordered one of the cheaper ones - no chance I’m paying £125!
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    Away tickets

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    Leicester Home

    After one in 211/212. I’m there already, just need one for a mate. Thanks
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    Spurs (a) CL QF

    Desperate for one - usually ok for most aways but come up short here! Any help would be extremely gratefully received (along with a pint or two!)
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    Champions League 2018/2019 (Shaktar Donetsk, Lyon, Hoffenheim)

    For anyone flying into/staying in Frankfurt for Hoffenheim, how are you getting to Sinsheim where the ground is? Trains look fairly dear.
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    No mate they took the difference for mine but it took my sister's in full (she has her DD set up separately to mine). So I need to get it sorted with them
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    I renewed on direct debit but had to relocate using my credit card as payment as the site wasn't letting me pick a preferred start date for the direct debit. If I call the club they'll shift us back to DD and refund my card won't they?
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    Burnley (A)

    Still after a ticket. Just the one. Please PM me if you can help.
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    Burnley (A)

    Keeping my name in the hat; still after just the one. Can pick up wherever around Manchester or surrounding.
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    Steve Boardman (Why Always Ste)

    Didn't know the lad too well but a few of my mates did and by all accounts a thoroughly sound fella. RIP.
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    Burnley (A)

    After one ticket if anyone can help.
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    Leicester League Cup

    After 1 if anyone has a spare. Edit: sorted now
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    CL draw - Basel

    Trains till just before midnight and apparently taxis aren't too horrendous.
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    CL draw - Basel

    5pm on the Monday mate!
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    CL draw - Basel

    20 minute train into Basel pal, about 6-7 miles out.
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    CL draw - Basel

    I’m staying in Lörrach just over the German border for this exact reason. Much cheaper for digs and beer, was recommended it by a red mate who went with them.
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    CITY: SHOWSEC, Atmosphere, & Blatant Bullying.

    I don't think it's necessarily something that needs to be brought up with him, rather the club needs to sort out itself. It needs to sort out the massive number of fuckups it's made I also think our own fans are a big part of the problem; over the last few years the matchgoing support has...
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    CITY: SHOWSEC, Atmosphere, & Blatant Bullying.

    The first few pages of this thread were full of people saying 'them's the rules' with regard to standing. The law as it stands bows to the regulations of clubs in terms of standing. It is the law for clubs to provide all-seater stadia; it is not the law for every supporter in a stadium to be...
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    Something to cheer you all up, Buck house facelift

    Is this the first lot of £350m we're saving from the EU that Vote Leave were on about?
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