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    North Wales - help

    Aren’t the pubs in Wales open but for outside only? Not sure if many pubs will have a TV set up in their beer gardens tbh. I had a nightmare for the Real Madrid game, was forced to try and stream on iPhone and only caught about 20 mins in total due to buffering and site crashing... if any...
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    Saddest songs.

    I've checked the thread and am surprised no one has mentioned 'Ghosteen' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It was very difficult explaining to the wife why i was crying like a baby when she walked in and caught me listening to this album.
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    Oldham Pre-Season 8th August 2000

    I was there, god knows what strip we were wearing though
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    A really nice bloke, we can all agree to that...
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    Cheating decisions VAR would have over ruled

    Shaun Goater handball Wigan? ;-)
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    E Sports (FIFA 20)

    Can we play 'fly goalie' like we normally do? ;-)
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    Champions League Games 10/11 March

    Yeah, like Karius did..
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    United (a) post-match thread

    That's all on you Pep. You need a long hard look in the mirror, because you've been shown up 3 times now this season against a very poor and inexperienced joke of a manager.
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    Premier League Games 28/29 Feb/1st March

    I'm still too scared to watch at 3-0. Keep me updated on here please ..
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    Last Film You Saw

    Just downloaded it today, can't wait to watch it.
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    You ever made Seitan?
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    I'm sure it does mate, but just looking at one, i doubt i'd be able to peel and seed it.
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    i know mate, i'm a massive carnivore, but just looking for alternatives to get my cholesterol down :-)
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    I was watching the 'Dirty Vegan' today and saw one of these monsters. They are fucking huge. I actually fancy making fake pulled pork, but i'll think i'll use young tinned jack fruit.
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    Missing mooners

    Cheers Kaz :-) For the 'not dead' bit....obvs
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    Missing mooners

    I'm always the shadows..... Just watching.... and wanking.... But mostly watching...
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    Must see documentaries..

    Who knows, like you say, it never got mentioned, which was bizarre to day the least
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    Must see documentaries..

    I thought it was obviously Manny.... until the last few minutes..
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    Must see documentaries..

    It's a very difficult watch and I'm sure many people won't be able to stomach it, but I'm so glad I persevered. Fantastic documentary
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    Deal agreed with Bayern Munich for Leroy Sane - €60m (including add-ons)

    He is a good looking chap, I'll give you that.