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    Season ticket payments - refunds/credits due by June 19th

    It's money I've already spent, so I've not missed it. If I take the money most likely blow it on shite, it's money that I don't have to find when we are eventually allowed back whether that's this year (doubt it) or next year.
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    Season ticket payments - refunds/credits due by June 19th

    I've just phoned up and got credit on my season ticket, if you've got anyone on your friends and family who are also getting credit you can do there's at the same time you just need to have their details.
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Micheal Grove has now said something else that completely goes against what he said on a previous show, madness.
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    I bet Noel Gallagher is shitting it.
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    Arsenal (h) - MATCH POSTPONED (tweets on page 16)

    Liverpool can't play games in the summer, as their players have already made arrangements for holidays, Klopp won't allow it.
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    Arsenal (h) - MATCH POSTPONED (tweets on page 16)

    At least they don't get to a 100+ points...
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    Corey Haim dead

    Tidsy/Tonight Cory Feldman is ready to speak out about who abused his best friend, the late actor Corey Haim.
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    Must see documentaries..

    Watched it all yesterday, one of the best documentaries I've seen for a long time.
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    And the next one. India...

    Sponsored by Etihad
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    Carabao Cup Final plans

    Me n my mates have just got in Yates in Harrow, just waiting on some grub. Not been drinking around here before, usually do Uxbridge so it's new to us.
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    Schalke Travel Plans

    Just at Glasgow Airport having a few beers, flying in an hour. What's best way to get from the airport to Dusseldorf? I've heard taxis are a bit expensive
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    Who is doing all 3 games this week?

    1 down 2 to go. Train to Glasgow Airport 7am tomorrow. 'something happening'.........
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    Newport ticket sales.

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    Everton away

    Need one for tonight can meet at ground, cheers
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    Liam Neeson

    Have you not seen taken 3?
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    Schalke Travel Plans

    Nice one, cheers
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    What was Britain's greatest ever gift to the world ?

    Read this thread, logged onto YouTube and this was in my timeline, weird. Freedom according to this bloke.
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    FA Cup 4th Round Draw - Burnley (H)

    Confirmed Manchester City's FA Cup fourth round game against Burnley will take place on Saturday 26 January with a 3pm kick-off. It hasn't been selected for TV in England.
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    Burton (First Leg) Post Match Thread

    Seems like a few fans had bets on around that scoreline, fair play
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    “City Matters” fan committee

    Newcastle away down to 6k points, there is no problem with distribution of away tickets.