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    Champions League Quarter Final Games 12-15th August

    Don't need inside sources to see they are fucked. Their commercial revenue is basically down to Messi. They have burnt through over 300m on three players. One of which just scored twice against them and the other can't even get off the treatment table. They have spent millions poorly across the...
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    Dayot Upamecano

    We will have a document probably 20 pages long on this lad, there must be a reason we are not going for him.
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    ITS ON.
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    New Mac Pro

    You are pretty limited on options for brand new ones mate, Apple control pricing pretty hard. If you don't need brand new out of the box then you can sometimes pick up good deals on the Apple refurb site, they are in perfect condition and you get warranty also.
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    I didn't feel I needed to mention the best defender at the club!
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    The club definitely do not look for immediate impact, near enough everyone we buy comes in with the intention of developing to a higher level. Prime examples; Stones, Bernardo, Sterling, Jesus, Sane, Rodri and so on. The last 'ready made' player I can think of is Mahrez. I think Pep is sick of...
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    Claudio Bravo - 2019/20 Performances

    Cheers Claudio, all the best with Pellegrini.
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    I would have to ask questions about his form post lock down, he was a bit all over the shop and Leicester fell through the floor. May just be a one season wonder.
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    Hes gonna leave, not a chance we keep him around or put him in the youth teams. Deal of 15/20m euros with add ons. Simples
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    Diego Carlos

    At least if we want this lad we just turn up and pay the money, no pissing about. He had a good year, watched a bit of Sevilla to just see how Navas etc was getting on. We are buying him off recent reputation rather than a sustained period as a top defender but that isn't the end of the world...
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    Jadon Sancho

    We all know they are going to pay it, they have gone too far now. Like they did with Maguire, Sanchez and so on.
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    General transfer rumours

    Not looking great financially for Valencia If we manage to get a fee from them for Otamendi then Txiki really is the GOAT.
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    Give us some examples of that mate please. Struggling to think of any recent signings in which we have overpaid to get the deal done or if we have gone for an alternative it has gone badly.
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    John Stones - 2019/20 Performances

    Been given the nod that hes staying or .....
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    Houssem Aouar

    Makes a lot of sense this signing. We have Rodri, Gundogan and KDB as our only central midfield players next year. Yes we can put Foden or Benardo in but I think Pep sees them more as wingers. Everywhere; Fernandinho. Midfield; Aouar, Gundogan, Rodri and KDB. Forwards; Torres, Mahrez, Bernardo...
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    Watched quite a few, as I did Mangala before we signed him. Mangala and Koulibaly share a lot of the same physical and defensive traits, Koulibaly is better on the ball which of course is a huge plus for us. Serie A is shite so seeing Koulibaly dominate them games is understandable and he...
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    I can't help but get feelings of Mangala with Koulibaily. I have said it a few times. I hope I am completely wrong and we finally have the long term partner for Laporte.
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    Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread

    Was worried before the game and during the game did nothing to change my mind. Its been said more than once he has seemingly been in Madrids pocket for years.
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    Aymeric Laporte - 2019/20 Performances

    Once we have Laporte in alongside another world class partner we will be back in business.
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    No, hes been on loan to learn his trade and grow both physically and technically. He has done that now. I think that Pep gives him a pre season to prove himself, if not then he may be loaned again or sold.