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    Premier League Games 1/2/4/5 April

    Good effort, Madam.
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    How many season tickets do we sell each year

    Tens of thousands of residential spaces are being built in and around the City Centre over the next decade. Some Chinese and other Asian students. Others for workers. Mostly younger and without families. As we develop under Pep, the draw will become greater. Don't worry about attendances as we...
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    Aleksandar Kolarov - 2016/17 performances

    Well said, Tim. Can we fuck this shit thread off now?
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    Player of the Month - February 2017

    I voted for Sterling but no issue with Sane being ahead. Both have been fantastic.
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    Huddersfield (h) pre-match thread

    Surely Kun wants game time. Kelechi can come on later.
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    Huddersfield v City post match

    A draw was fine. Opposition were not muppets. Gave some players a run out. Same again whenever the reply is, as HTFC are almost bound to 'throw' the game with a 2nd team, take the money and run. Relax.
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    Wilfried Bony - Loan to Stoke

    WTF does a Chinese window look like?
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    FA Cup 5th round draw - Huddersfield Town (Away)

    Haha. Did Barnsley away on one of those back in the 80s.
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    Palace FA Cup Post Match

    I was only worried when Josh went down to 26%. Had a great view though, with some incisive commentary. And this was my favourite song.
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    Burnley - Post match thread

    Respect to my fellow Citizens for giving it to the BBC on 606. Respect. Great win today. Us against the world, as usual. CTID
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    Burnley - Post match thread

    Indeed. It seems like open war now. Fuck the media. They will always hate us.
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    Arsenal Post Match Thread.

    Good for you. The man's a grade A knob but has been world class for us. He seems to be playing to his strengths now and has given up on running about too much. He'll be accommodated when appropriate and that's all he should expect.
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    Yaya Toure apologises

    Look. There's a very simple explanation for all of this. John Candy nails it in the first 15 seconds.
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    City v Chelsea post match
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    Yaya Toure apologises

    Dunno. Depends on work/biz and Xmas stuff. Busy time. Will ring you later. Thought it was sold out anyway. Deffo Burnley as it stands.
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    Yaya Toure apologises

    I'm glad that's cleared up. Same for me. Regrettably, @gordondaviesmoustache spikes my match day coffee. My Allah forgive him.
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    CL last 16 draw - Monaco

    Nice counter-jinx move there, Sir. Now don't get cocky and lose all your money at the casino...
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    Txiki Begiristain

    I only have time for one liners.
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    Bring Back Joe Hart

    [Wythy Blue Legend on lead guitar]
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    Bring Back Joe Hart

    Is there even a debate?