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    Arsenal (h) - Wed 11 March

    1 spare ticket south stand level 2 great seat £30 PM me. Thanks
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    West Ham at home

    Still available - now £35 for the pair
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    West Ham at home

    I have two adult tickets available for West Ham game south stand level 2 great seats together next to the away fans. £40 for the pair
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    Watford home tickets

    One spare adult ticket for this game. South Stand Level 2, Row C great view - £35. Message me. Thanks.
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    Brighton and Hove (H) 31st Aug 15:00

    I have one spare ticket for Brighton at home, great seat in the popular South Stand Level 2 block 219 Row C. £35 message me if interested. Thanks.
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    FA Cup Final

    After 1 ticket please for Wembley bottom tier. PM me cheers
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    TV Games - April / May

    Leicester fixture now fully confirmed on twitter for 12:30 Saturday 4th.
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    Chelsea Away

    SWAP - I have an adult and under 20s ticket together, looking to swap for 2 adult tickets and will pay the cash difference. Long shot but maybe someone out there is taking a junior on an adult so would be able to help out. Cheers.
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    Newcastle away

    Looking for 2 spare for this. Any come up give me a shout. Cheers.
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    FA Cup 5th round draw - Huddersfield Town (Away)

    will give it a go cheers pal
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    FA Cup 5th round draw - Huddersfield Town (Away)

    Don't waste your time - previous purchase history needed right at the end of the booking
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    United away ticket criteria

    Yes, it is.
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    Stoke Away Tickets (all in here)

    still after 1 more ticket if anyone can help cheers
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    Stoke Away Tickets (all in here)

    After a spare for Stoke if anyone can help PM me please, thanks.
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    Bournemouth NOT Friday Night 16th Sept Kick Off

    good reliable source you heard this shit from....
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    TV Fixtures 2016/17

    source? I've tried that and couldn't find anything, just says 'early July'
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    A Positive from the new euro away ticket system?

    was anyone else confused as to why you had to bring your passport to the match? what were we supposed to be matching together? there was nothing on the ticket like my name or date of birth to match with my passport, all very odd...
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    keep one centre half...who?

    none of them - we bring Deneyar back to us and make him into the brilliant player that he already looked.
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    Anyone going without a ticket????

    because it's sold out
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    Prices for the away leg in Madrid SOLD OUT.

    ric how many points do you have? they've just changed it back to 11,000 points....