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    Speedo's are they still fashionable....?

    Always wear my sky blue city speedo swimmers on beach on holiday. am over 50 with a stomach. They are comfortable but am worried they could now be a fashion faux pas ? Thoughts ? Holidays in next month so no time to get toned!
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    Home brewing successes and fails ( beer and wine)

    As I am about to start this project Beer. Wonder what tips or stories blue mooners have on this. For instance how to control alcohol content etc. I want good strong beer not pish water. Your thoughts and stories please. Have you drank home brew did it change your life? Did it create lasting...
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    Just looking for advice....thirty years ago had guitar lessons and haven't played since... Obviously technology and stuff have looking for advice on what cheap electric guitars are out there also amps and tuners( not sure I have an ear for tuning ! ). I have little talent and a...
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    Manchester city the movie...

    If they were to make a movie which stars,celebs or actors could play our boys?..... Example....the guy off the King and I ul what's his name to play Pep Marvin hagler to play fern..? You catch my drift.... Any ideas......
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    Notts county relegated (p7).

    Notts county on the brink......a club with REAL istri on the edge of leaving the football league after being founder members in1888? They must beat Swindon and hope Macclesfield lose to remain in the 92 Always had a soft spot for the original magpies.....just wondered what other blue mooners...
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    Only one centurions

    Just noticed in the carnage and glory of the weekend that Liverpool ca now only achieve 99 points max
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    Bottom at xmas.which 3 to be relegated.

    Think Southampton will be bottom at xmas. Them , Huddersfield and after seeing the toon them to go. Raneri and Wagner to do the business.
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    No message from Sergio last night...thoughts ?

    As title suggests.....?
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