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    Hushpuppi charged with attempting to steal £100mil from unnamed PL club

    An Instagram Influencer (No I don't know what that is either) by the name of Hushpuppi has recently been charged with a series of financial crimes and most notable, for a Football forum at least, attempting to get £100mil from a PL club. Anyone any idea who it could be or any other info? I...
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    Chants for the post-COVID climate.

    I feel like our old chants are dated, and we shouldn’t be resting on our laurels when we’ve been gifted this time to create new ones! We not allowed at home and we’re not allowed away, Many people died but football we can play, They don’t give a fuck cause the sponsors’ paying up! COVID-19...
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    What’s happened to our finishing?

    We were the quickest to reach 100 goals this year, a marvelous feat considering how our finishing has gone to shìt. So, what’s the problem? Is it Personnel, training, motivation, or is it an elaborate betting conspiracy?
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    Yokohama F. Marinos v City Post Match Thread

    Good run out and good win against talented, match fit opposition. Kids look good and Kevin seems to be back to his best. Positive Pre-season in my opinion!
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    Scudamore to leave/Susanna Dinnage quits already.

    Good riddance.
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    Is football about winning or entertainment?

    The difference between the style between certain teams around the world varies wildly (case in point United vs City) and this has led to a debate between the delusional and the idealists about whether people watch football to watch people win or purely for entertainment. So which is it for you...
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    Missing out on Champions League.

    I've been thinking, something I don't particularly enjoy doing, a lot recently and I honestly don't think that missing out on the Champions League would be as bad as some of our local Nostrodamus' seem to think it would be. 1)Money Perhaps the biggest reason we seek to compete is the money that...
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    Digicel Partnership announced

    We've just announced another Partnership. This time with a company called Digicel which, from a brief scan of a google search, appears to be a big communications network. Good times are in the pipeline chaps.
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    Player Topic: Wilfried Bony (2014/15)

    Good news
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