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    The Masked Singer

    What the absolute fuck is this, seen some shit in my time but this truly awful.
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    Central Heating Won't Work

    Can anybody give me some advise, got a Worcester Greenstar 24i Combi boiler, I am still getting hot water, but the central heating won't come on. I've checked the pressure and that's fine, I've tried upping the wall thermostat to maximum, the boiler is making all the right noises but it isn't...
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    Robot Wars

    Just seen the trailer for the new Robot Wars to be screened on 24th July. Loved this first time around, went to see it live, if you had a robot in this series what would you call it. I will start with The Mangala or Khal-Doom
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    MCFC Stewards

    I've got to get this off my chest. I have never seen such a bunch of un-organised shit house fuckwits in my life. I was sat in 114 this evening, to my right was that group of about 15 CSKA fans, they were a mixed bunch a couple of women but mainly blokes, they were the main focus of all the...
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    City v England

    Having watched that shower last night, a genuine question. How many of that England team would get a starting place for City, please don't include Hart. At a push only Cahill for me, I don't think many would make our bench. City have everything that England don't, we have genuine world class...
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    My son has come home from school with a letter inviting him to the scum v Sunderland match, £7 which includes coach travel and entrance. I have brought him up to despise everything and anything associated with that pile of shit, but what's broke my heart, he said he wants to go. It's 6pm on a...
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    X Box 360 problem

    My sons X Box 360 has lost all it's power, no red rings or anything, any help would be appreciated. Still got my red ring to save on the jokes :)
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    Florida Theme Park Tickets

    Could anyone give me some advice. Yesterday I booked to go to Florida in February 2014 with the family, 2 adults & 2 kids, I was quoted £985 for a 5 day un-limited pass to the theme parks, has anybody been and if so is it cheaper to buy the tickets in Florida or do I bite the bullet and stump up...
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