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    Parking at the Swamp

    Not been for a few seasons. Have to drive unfortunately. Where's the best place to park? Don't mind paying as a one off if its handy. Cheers
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    Wembley Parking Recommendations

    Driving down on Sunday, usually go by Mini Bus. Anyone recommend any of the non official Wembley car parks for a relatively quick getaway? Preferably one I can book in advance online
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    Wembley from Macclesfield Area?

    Anyone running a mini bus or coach? There are 4 of us who would be definates
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    2 x Barcelona Day Trips available.

    Preview: 2 x Barcelona Day trips available. I have 2 day trips with Spikes (Sportoptions) available if anyone is interested. We are a party of 4 (2 adults + 2 teenagers) and only have 2 tickets to the match. If there are no reasonable offers, then we have decided all 4 of us will go and the...
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    Stop Moaning .... We are blessed

    With a fantastic owner with endless resources who is in it for the long haul. With a manager who plays the best football we have all ever seen. EVER With a great modern stadium soon to extended to 60K + and the soon to open academy site (we just no need to stick away fans in the gods). With some...
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    Wembley Pubs - even if its raining (merged)

    Arriving by train tomorrow around 3pm. Fancy a change from the Green Man. Any recommendations blues?
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    Pubs for Arsenal (assuming you can afford a pint)

    Yes I'm going and looking forward to it. Been to Highbury several times over the years but not The Emirates. Any decent pubs for away fans in the area?
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    People Still Left at 85 Mins last night.

    Someone who did, please tell me why? I simply don't understand it. I'm sure there are more valid reasons for 10pm on a Thursday night than 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday. I know if you pay for your ticket you have the right to leave when ever you feel like it, but I am genuinely interested in the...
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    Graham Souness

    I salute you sir.
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    BLUE Membership

    City card replacement Anyone else not got their card yet? My lad hasn't received his Luckily he can't go on Monday
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    Moving the away fans

    Anyone know if this is a possibility for next season. I know it was talked about and the club were looking into it. Anyone know anything?
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    Adam Johnsons Injury

    Any update? Sorry if I've missed it in another thread.
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    Tiffany Page anyone?

    Very nice young lady !!!
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    Balotelli Injury

    Anyone have an update? He looked to be limping pretty badley on the big screed in City Square last night. Talking of City Square, Tiffany Page - very nice young lady!!
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    Apparently thats what Adult T1 North standers feel like!!!! Driving home last night, obviously dissapointed but putting our season in perspective. Highest finish in my 30 years watching City. Fantastic season for Tevez, De Jong. Quality results v Chelsea Arsenal etc. Our Owners seem to be doing...
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    Referee for Tomorrow

    Any ideas who it is? We've had two piss poor ones in a row. We're on a hattrick!
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    Betting question

    Yesterday me and my kids had a bet as usual. Never thought anything till my 15 year old asked me if he'd won? He had Ade to score first and city to win 2-1. Has he won @ 66-1? Do own goals count?
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    If SWP played

    Played for my lads Under 12's team He would not be allowed to take corners because HE IS SHIT AT THEM. How can 40000 people see that and Hughes can't????
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    Come On MOROCCO!

    I just assumed Ade would be off to the African Cup Of Nations in January. I didn't realise Togo hadn't qualified yet! They currently lie 3rd in a group of 4 with only the top 3 qualifying. Morocco are 4th 2 points behind with 2 games to play. COME ON MOROCCO!!!!!! P.S Unfortunately The...
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    FA Cup Uefa Cup place

    Assuming Everton win today. All 4 FA Cup semi finalists are already virtually guarenteed a Chumps or Waffa cup spot. Am I correct thinking the place goes to 7th in the league?
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