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    City v. Liverpool in Community Shield, whatever happens in title race

    Liverpool's win in yesterday's FA Cup final confirms both their participation in this year's Community Shield and ours. The date of the match doesn't seem to have been officially confirmed, but with the PL due to start on 6 August, it will presumably be on Sunday, 31 July. If we now go on and...
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    City reportedly pushing for Girona to play Barca in Miami

    Just seen this item on Europsort's website: There's been plenty of talk about La Liga's plan to play league fixtures in the USA and Girona's home game against Barcelona...
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    Club statement regarding Barry Bennell's conviction

    That story states that: "[City] have confirmed “serious allegations of child sex abuse” against a second individual, who is dead but had links to the club". Claims the club faces "the possibility of large-scale legal action". EDIT - club statement here...
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    City set to recruit Sheffield Wednesday's academy manager

    Tweet from City Watch: The Sheffield Star claims that: "It is believed Ramsdale will join City’s academy scouting department and travel the globe searching for the best youth talent." The paper's full story is at...
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    R.I.P Harry Dowd

    RIP Harry Dowd Can't see another thread on the forum, but mods please merge if I've missed it. The club's official Twitter feed has announced the death of former goalkeeper Harry Dowd: Of course, Harry was in goal for City in the 1969 FA Cup final win over Leicester. RIP.
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    Prospective takeover in 1964

    There was a thread about this on the main board a little while back, after MES posted that his "2nd cousin tried to buy City": <a class="postlink-local" href="" onclick=";return...
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    The story of Ron Dellow, who played for City in the 1930s

    Not always a fan of the MEN these days, but I think Stuart Brennan does a decent job despite getting some stick on here and I like his piece today on Ron Dellow, who played for City in the thirties. Text below, or follow the link here...
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    Perception of City as a 'big' club

    There's a thread on the main board about big clubs and how one should go about measuring what constitutes a big club. Everyone, of course, has their own criteria and it often strikes me as rather futile pursuit to argue whether one club is bigger than another. Nonetheless, I went to my first...
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    Dave Watson's bullet header v Ipswich, April 1977

    For those of us in our 40s and older, this was quite a famous goal, and it was caught by the cameras, being shown on Granada TV's Sunday lunchtime Kick Off Match the next day. However, for a long time, it never made it onto the excellent MCFC Videos channel on youtube. Well, now it's there (from...
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    Fitness coach poached from Spurs - news or wind-up?

    I've seen on a general football board that I browse occasionally a Spurs fan claiming that we've poached their fitness/conditioning coach. The guy suggests, given their injury record, that this is actually good news for United and Chelsea! Anyone know if this is news, or is it some kind of...
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